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Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial Laser Cleaning Equipment

Handheld laser cleaning machine for rust removal are mostly used in the industrial market, and operators can easily operate them by setting the laser parameters according to the area of the material and contaminants.

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of laser cleaning equipment, and hopefully assist you in making a purchasing decision for laser cleaning tools.

industrial laser cleaning equipment
industrial laser cleaning equipment

How is laser cleaning works

What is Laser cleaning technology

Laser cleaning technology is a kind of laser technology that uses the high-energy heat generated by the laser to easily remove paint, rust, dirt, coating and other surface pollutants on the metal surface. This is the most advanced way of deep cleaning of green, environmentally friendly and pollution free materials.

how to clean rust off metal

What are the benefits of Laser Cleaning?

  • High efficiency: Remove surface dirt, coatings, etc. quickly and efficiently, greatly improving cleaning efficiency.
  • Non-contact and no damage: Non-contact good consumables will not damage the surface, avoiding problems such as mechanical wear and chemical corrosion that may exist in traditional cleaning methods.
  • Green and environmentally friendly: no chemical cleaning agents are used to reduce environmental pollution and conform to modern environmental protection concepts.
  • Safety: The range and intensity of the laser beam can be precisely controlled to reduce risks to operators and the surrounding environment.
  • Simple operation: beginner can be easily operated and does not require professional certificates.

What are the disadvantages of laser cleaning equipment

  • High cost: Laser cleaning equipment is expensive and requires a certain amount of investment, but there are no consumables in the later period;
  • High energy consumption: relatively high energy consumption and high operating costs;
  • No sandblasting machine is as efficient;
  • High environmental requirements: Certain environmental conditions are required, such as high air cleanliness and temperature requirements.
  • Application scope limitation: It is suitable for materials with hard surfaces such as metal, steel, and carbon steel. It may not be effective for soft, fragile, highly reflective and other materials.


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