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Air Cooled Laser Welder VS Water Cooled Laser Welder

In recent years, handheld laser welding machines have shined in the laser field, and the market has become increasingly popular. They are well received because of the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, and labor-saving. But now there are Air Cooled Laser Welder and Water Cooled Laser Welder. How to choose? It is a complex problem for welding machine beginners.

What are the characteristics of the difference? Which one is more suitable for hand held laser welder?

aluminum laser welding machine factory
hand held laser welding machine factory

What is Air Cooled Laser Welder

Air Cooled Laser Welder is a laser that uses air cooling to cool down. The body is small and easy to move. It can be placed in the trunk of a car, and the price is relatively low.

What is Water Cooled Laser Welder

Water-cooled laser welding machines are widely used in the market. The laser adopts a water circulation cooling method, which is adjusted and set by a temperature controller. The noise is low, and the maintenance cost is convenient.

Generally speaking, water cooling has more advantages than air-cooled laser welding equipment.

air cooled laser welder
air cooled laser welder
handheld laser welder
handheld laser welder

Laser welding cost vary:

There is a big gap between the air cooled welding machine price and water-cooled laser welding with the same power in units of tens of thousands. Because of the configuration used, company brand and after-sales service differ.

Works differently:

The air-cooled laser is a collar-style system with the laser and the QBH head of the welding torch for cooling using air.

The water-cooled laser is cooled by a water cooler, using water to cool down.

laser welded stainless steel
laser welded stainless steel

Size and weight are different:

The air-cooled laser welding machine is relatively smaller and lighter in weight.

The volume and weight of the water-cooled laser welding machine is more than that of the air-cooled one.

Working hours vary

The air-cooled welding machine works at full power for 18 hours in summer and must rest for 2 hours.

Water-cooled laser welding can work 24 hours a day.

The laser welding gun used by both is the same.

If you want to know more handheld laser welder reviews, you can go to laser welder youtube to view related information, or consult laser welding machine companies for more information.

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