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Application of Laser Welding Galvanized Steel

Laser welding galvanized steel technology has gradually attracted people’s attention and attention. Laser welding can reduce the generation of oxides and avoid subsequent coatings and anti-corrosion repairs. At the same time, it has the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, and high precision, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

The following describes the use of laser welding galvanized steel sheets.

Galvanized steel is coated with a layer of electroplated steel on the surface of the steel, mainly to prevent corrosion and rust of the steel and prolong the life. The traditional welding methods are mainly arc welding and gas welding. These two welds are unstable and prone to oxide production. Later, rust removal is required, and the process is cumbersome.

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The galvanized sheet steel itself has a physical shielding effect, and also has an electrochemical protection effect on the steel itself. It is an essential sheet metal in the industrial market.

Galvanized steel sheet Nissan is used in: transportation industry, electric power industry, construction industry, chemical industry, ventilation and heating equipment, smart furniture manufacturing industry.

What is galvanized sheet

Galvanized steel sheet is a layer of metallic zinc on the surface of the steel sheet. This prevents corrosion and prolongs mission life.

3 Welding procedure for galvanized steel :

  • Resistance welding
  • Argon arc welding
  • Laser welding

When traditional resistance welding and argon arc welding are used to weld galvanized sheets, the evaporated zinc will be taken away by the molten metal, or the form of bubbles will remain in the weld, which also leads to defects such as pores and cracks in the weld. Seams have low tensile strength.

Laser welding belongs to high-energy beam welding technology, which has the advantages of high energy density, high welding efficiency, large weld depth-to-width ratio, small heat-affected zone, small thermal deformation, and energy saving. It is suitable for the requirements of precision welding technology and is currently the most researched, It is the most widely used welding method in actual production and processing.

effects of welding galvanized steel

effects of welding galvanized steel

4 Advantages of laser welding galvanized steel sheet

  1. Increase the gap between the upper and lower galvanized sheets

Discharge the steam during the welding process to reduce welding instability. When the size of the gap is 0.1 mm, the pulling force is the largest.

  1. Spatter during welding

It is controlled by the defocus amount. When the defocus amount is 5mm, it can not only ensure sufficient pulling force, but also reduce the generation of splash.

  1. Welding power and speed must match

The 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet is welded through, and the maximum welding speed can reach 30mm/s.

  1. Take protective measures for the lens

Air knives are added to welded joints. Can meet 24h continuous production, and minimize consumables.

Regular replacement of protective lenses

During the welding process of galvanized sheet, the zinc on the surface is rapidly heated by the laser, which is easy to gasify and produce splashes, which will seriously damage the lens. Therefore, when designing the welding process, it is necessary to specially design an air knife under the protective lens of the welding joint. Blowing protection to the lens can effectively reduce the production cost.

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Why is welding galvanized steel dangerous

There are two dangers.

First, oxygen welding will produce some harmful gases, which will permanently damage human physiological functions.

Second, the strong light produced by oxygen welding can strongly irritate the eyes, causing damage to eye function or even destruction. It has no direct impact on fertility, but long-term exposure may still have indirect effects.

Use correct and standardized operating procedures to avoid harm to you and others due to welding arc light, spatter, welding slag, noise, etc., and will not cause serious harm to the body. Don’t work for too long. Change jobs after working for a while.

Is welding galvanized steel dangerous

Mainly radiation! Zinc ionizes and vaporizes at high temperatures, causing severe headaches in every joint and bone in the body after inhalation!

FAQ about laser weld galvanized sheet

What is the maximum power of 1000w hand held laser welding machine

less than 6kw

What are the components of the handheld laser welding machine?

Handheld laser welding machine: laser (generally equipped with 1000-2000W fiber continuous laser), chiller, control software, laser welding head, optical fiber and other components.

How long is the service life of handheld laser welding?

Similar to laser cutting, the life of the light source is generally 100,000 hours;

Can you weld on galvanized steel

OK. After welding on galvanized metal, the galvanized layer after welding must be polished and smoothed. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of galvanized steel and easily cause blistering and oxidation of galvanized steel.


The above are the advantages of laser welding galvanized steel sheets. Laser welding machines can perform micro welding when welding galvanized steel sheets. Welding of micro and small workpieces.

The application of laser welding technology in galvanized steel is very feasible. It has the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, high precision, etc. It can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, and is suitable for some high-end manufacturing scenarios. However, the appropriate welding method needs to be selected based on specific production needs and budget constraints.

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