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laser cutting in shipbuilding

Laser Cutting in Shipbuilding

The steel plate is the most used in the shipbuilding industry. Cutting the steel plate with a marine laser cutting machine can increase the cutting speed and reduce the waste of labor and materials.

The parts cut by laser cutter have small deformation, high cutting precision, small thermal deformation, and reduce secondary processing (such as milling, drilling, etc.), transfer, grinding, especially small circles, small holes, curved surface processing, etc. , in line with the accuracy requirements of hull segment transfer.

Laser processing equipment can work with high intensity for a long time, which speeds up the overall work progress, improves work efficiency, shortens production cycle and reduces costs.

Laser Machine in Shipbuilding Industry for Sale

Advantages of Laser Cutting Marine Steel Plates

Traditionally, shipbuilding has involved the manual cutting of metals – a laborious and time-consuming process with room for inaccuracies. But the advent of laser cutting machines has brought a significant shift.

  1. Exceptional Cutting Seam Quality: Laser cutting ensures a well-defined and clean cut.

  2. Optimal Verticality: The vertical surface of the cuts is well maintained.

  3. No Slag Inclusion: Cuts are free from any slag residue.

  4. Minimal Oxide Layer: A significantly thinner oxide layer leads to a smoother surface.

  5. No Secondary Processing: The quality of the cuts is such that there is no need for secondary processing.

  6. Direct Welding: The precision of the cuts allows for direct welding.

  7. Minimal Thermal Deformation: Laser cutting results in minimal heat deformation.

  8. High Precision Curve Cutting: Laser cutting offers a high degree of accuracy, particularly for curved cuts, reducing coordination man-hours.

  9. High-Strength Ship Plate Cutting: Laser technology can cut through even the strongest ship plates without hindrance.

laser cutting in shipbuilding
laser machine in shipbuilding industry

Problems in the application of laser cutting in the shipbuilding industry

1. The cutting speed of laser processing technology is slow, only about one-third of that of plasma cutting. The huge workload of steel processing in the shipbuilding industry cannot be met by laser processing equipment for the time being.

2. Some of the boards used have been surface treated (such as paint film), which affects the final cutting quality to a certain extent.

3. The plate whose groove form changes too much is not suitable for cutting with a laser cutting machine. Although many manufacturers have reached a very high level of bevel cutting technology on laser cutting equipment, compared with the complex bevel requirements in shipbuilding, they still cannot meet them one by one.

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