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Benefits of Laser Welding: Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industries

As a new welding technology, handheld laser welding is currently well received by business owners in industrial The welding effect is beautiful, and ordinary welding technology can no longer meet people’s needs. This article will help you understand the Benefits of Laser Welding.

The traditional argon arc welding operation is labor-intensive, and the operator needs a professional certificate to work. After using argon arc welding, subsequent grinding work is required, and the process is cumbersome.

welding effect of handheld laser welding machine

Benefits of Laser Welding:

The handheld laser welding machine changes the defects such as cracks and dense pores in the traditional welding process. It can not only weld beautiful products, but also reduce subsequent polishing, save time and cost, and is very popular in the market.

  • High precision

Infrared positioning is used during welding, and the laser beam can achieve refined operations with small thermal deformation and no damage to the base material. It is a good equipment especially for precision industries.

  • Portable

It can be carried out in various environments, is not restricted by the environment, is convenient, lightweight, and conforms to the customized design.

  • Efficient

The welding speed is fast, energy loss is reduced, costs are saved, and work efficiency is improved.

  • Diversity of welding materials

It can be used in a variety of metal materials and is used in a wide range of industries, such as sheet metal processing, automobile.

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