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CNC Metal Laser Cutter: Revolutionizing Precision Metal Fabrication

With the rapid development of the industrial market, the manufacturing industry has higher and higher requirements for the cutting accuracy and speed of the cnc metal laser cutter, and the metal laser cutting machine can just meet this demand. This article will take you in-depth understanding of cnc laser cutter for metal information, and walk into the world of laser cutting.

What is CNC Metal Laser Cutting Machine

CNC laser cutting machine metal is the use of numerical control operating system and the heat generated by the fiber laser, under the joint action of the numerical control equipment for cutting metal sheets, the machine is equipped with new operating system software to ensure the accuracy of cutting and speed, which can minimize the The loss of the plate and the smooth, clean and tidy cutting surface.

what is a cnc laser cutter

5 Advantages of CNC Metal Cutting Laser

High precision:

CNC laser cutting machine for metal has high cutting precision, which reduces the secondary grinding process and saves costs for business owners.

Diversity of cutting plates:

The power is 1000w-60kw, it can cut thin plates to thick plates, and realize the cutting of metal plates of different materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum and other steel plates.

Simplified process:

Compared with traditional metal cutting, the intermediate process is reduced, cnc laser cutting machine metal realizes fast cutting, and the configuration of loading and unloading devices can realize batch cutting, saving labor and shortening the delivery cycle.

Diversity of patterns:

CNC laser cutting machine for metal can realize complex pattern cutting, which can minimize the waste of materials.

Reduce material deformation:

The heat-affected zone is small, reducing the chance of sheet metal deformation.

laser cutting in shipbuilding
laser cutting in shipbuilding
automobile manufacturing industry
automobile manufacturing industry

Application of CNC Metal Laser Cutter

The cnc laser steel cutting machine in the industrial market is used in various industries and has a wide range of uses:

Steel structure building: metal products are widely used in the construction industry, cnc laser cutting machine metal can manufacture building decoration items, railings and so on.

Automobile industry: There are many precision parts in automobiles, and the precision requirements for sheet metal are very high. cnc metal laser cutter can meet the requirements, especially for engines, automobile chassis parts and interior decoration of automobiles.

Aviation field: Aviation has relatively high safety requirements. cnc metal laser cutter has unique advantages in cutting complex parts.

Precision electronic products: the production of complex components such as computer host casings, mobile phone brackets, etc., because cnc metal cutting laser can meet the cutting accuracy and clean requirements.

laser cutting machine supplier
laser cutting machine supplier

The emergence of cnc metal laser cutter has completely changed the metal manufacturing industry, providing business owners with a new metal sheet cutting technology, cnc fiber laser cutter metal factories keep pace with the times, the power of cnc metal cutting laser on the market is between 1kw-60kw Available options, with the growing demand of the metal precision market, the future of cnc laser cutting machine metal has unlimited possibilities.

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