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Guide of How does Laser Cleaning Work

Metal plates are easy to oxidize or rust in the air for a long time. Laser cleaning technology can easily remove debris on the surface of the metal plates with laser, and does not damage the substrate. This article takes you to learn more about Laser Surface Cleaner.

laser cleaning machine
laser metal cleaning

Metal cleaning laser:

Laser cleaning technology is removed with laser beams on the metal surface. Below is how do does laser cleaning work.

Step 1: Check whether the equipment is intact

Check the line, whether the power supply is normal, ensure that the equipment can be used normally, and the preparation is ready

Step 2: Base material positioning

The laser cleaning machine should first locate the surface of the substrate during the cleaning process. Laser cleaning guns and substrate settings are suitable for a suitable distance.

Step 3: The wavelength settings of the cleaning lasers

According to the type of substrate and the degree of pollution, adjust to the appropriate wavelength and pulse light to ensure that the unwanted material absorbs laser energy.

Step 4: Clear of impurities

The impurities will be absorbed by laser and quickly evaporate at high temperatures to achieve the cleaning effect.

Step 5: Absorbing debris reduces pollution

Pollutants will be collected by a vacuum filter system, thereby reducing environmental pollution and ensuring environmental protection.

Step 6: After cleaning, turn off the power supply equipment

Turn off a power supply equipment, check the laser cleaner condition, and ensure that it can be used normally next time.

Compared with traditional cleaning with laser:

  • Non -contact: It will not indirect contact with the surface of the substrate to reduce damage
  • Precision: CNC operation, high accuracy, and relatively narrow areas can also be cleaned
  • Environmental protection: It is not a chemical reagent, green environmental protection technology, and pollutants are absorbed away by vacuum, which will not cause environmental damage.
  • Diversity: It can be cleaned not only to clean metal, glass, walls, plastic, cardboard, stones, cultural relics, etc. Traces of paint, oxide, handwriting, graffiti, etc.
laser removal of oxides
laser removal of oxides
laser for rust removal
laser for rust removal

Most of the laser cleaning tools are used in automotive, industry, manufacturing, ships, rail transit and other industries. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly and convenient cleaning tool. With the continuous progress of technology, the market for the future laser cleaning machine will become more and more. Big, getting better and better.

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