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Guide of Improve Fiber Laser Cut Quality

With the rapid development of science and technology, the metal processing industry is constantly pursuing the improvement of the level of perfection. Now the market is fiercely competitive, and people are more and more sought after for high-power laser cutting machines.

cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers
cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers

How to improve Fiber Laser Cut Quality:

In the production of laser cutting system, the use of cutting laser technology accounts for more than 60% of the market share. After customers choose fiber laser cutting laser to improve cutting quality, they usually take full account of cost savings during the cutting process, and some even guarantee The cost-saving perfection, such as poor laser, leads to the problem of output power attenuation coefficient.

The cutting thickness and cutting power of the fiber laser cutting machine are the problems of the cutting thickness and cutting power of the cutting machine. This article reads some key ways to improve the cutting quality of the fiber laser cutting machine, hoping to attract the attention of many laser cutting machine users.

Thickness of metal material:

At present, the power of fiber lazer cutting is broadly 1000w and 2000w. The high power is 2000w higher than the fiber lasers that cut. The output power of 1000w is more suitable for cutting stainless steel materials with carbon steel thickness less than 14mm and 6mm than fiber lasers cutting. The product has good quality in matching the cutting thickness of the raw materials, and the cutting speed is fast, which can ensure lazer cut efficiency and cost-saving standards. When the two raw materials exceed the effective cutting thickness, the cutting speed will slow down, the cutting quality will decrease, and the thickness of the raw material will not decrease. In contrast, if its cutting thickness is less than the effective cutting thickness, such as millimeter stainless steel plate, its cutting quality will be very good, and it can be used in the downstream stage after production processing.

Comparison of 6000w laser cutting equipment and 12000w laser cutting equipment

Reduction rate:

Regardless of whether the laser cutting speed is too fast or too slow, high-quality cutting quality cannot be obtained. Therefore, we can not only fully consider improving work efficiency and accelerating the cutting speed, but also think that the cutting speed is too slow to obtain good cutting quality. Choosing the right cutting speed can obtain good cutting quality, which must strictly follow the manufacturer’s actual operation and manipulate the lazer cut process.

Laser power:

The higher the power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the higher the thickness of the raw material that can be cut, and the better the relative cutting quality. Therefore, customers must establish their own raw material thickness and type during the entire process of early procurement to prevent non-cutting or failure to achieve expectations Cutting quality. In addition, the higher the coincidence value between the laser cutting and the raw material, the better the cutting quality.

The effect of cutting products by laser cutting machine for plate and tube

Roughness of raw materials:

As we all know, the soft processing method of fiber laser cutting is good. It is not limited by the appearance of the product, but by the roughness, which cannot achieve the final cutting effect. Therefore, the stability of CNC lathes is also very important, and the office environment for laser cutting must be guaranteed.

Regardless of whether the output power of metal laser cutting machine is high or low, if the cutting quality meets its own regulations in this category, such as high-power cutting of metal plates, the output power is likely to burn the goods, the output power is high, and the temperature is high, It is easy to dye the goods, the adjustment of the goods is very high, and the foundation is damaged.

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