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Guide to Laser Rust Removal Equipment

After the epidemic, the global industrial market is recovering. As a necessary laser equipment for metal cleaning, laser rust removal equipment have received widespread attention from people, but most people are not very clear about laser rust removal cost. Handheld laser cleaner for sale has What are the pros and cons?

After reading this article, you will have a general understanding!

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The price of laser rust removal cost

The first concept to be clear is that it is difficult for a handheld laser rust removal machine to have a fixed price, only a general price range. This is because handheld laser rust removal machines are generally.

The same is a 200W air-cooled handheld laser cleaning machine. Some It is required to install PIC, and the latter wants to be able to monitor relevant data in real time, so it will require the installation of PLC; whether it is Gaussian light or flat-top light, pulse or continuous, QCS or QBH, it must be determined in detail.

And in order to achieve the best cleaning effect on the corresponding substrate to be cleaned, it is usually necessary to adjust the corresponding parameters such as fiber length, field lens focal depth, output power, pulse width and scanning speed according to the characteristics of different substrates.

The prices of fiber laser rust removal machines of the same model in the low-power range are often slightly different, let alone those laser cleaning machines in the ultra-high power range:
The composite laser machine rust removal of 8000W or more used to remove paint from large-scale equipment such as aerospace, ship and high-speed rail generally needs to be redesigned and manufactured according to the customer’s equipment site, use environment and other conditions, and the price can only be determined after on-site measurement.

However, the price range of laser rust removal equipment is also extremely uncertain, and will continue to change with technological breakthroughs and process upgrades—this is an industry whose technological iteration speed is not inferior to that of the Internet.

Therefore, it is still necessary to communicate well according to your own needs, and don’t be too obsessed with fixing the price of laser rust removal equipment.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser rust removal equipment?

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of laser cleaning machine for rust removal compared with other cleaning methods?

The advantage is that it is superior to almost all traditional industrial cleaning methods in terms of cleaning ability technology and process;

The disadvantage is that the development time is too short and the development speed is not fast enough. At present, it has not yet covered the full scope of industrial cleaning.



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