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How Long Is The Life Of The Tube Laser Cutting Machine

According to after-sales service. Colleagues feedback many customers buy pipe laser cutting machine not long. Often received user responses to a variety of after-sales problems. Many customers of the fundamental cause of equipment failure occur. Because the operator does not operate the laser pipe cutting machine equipment. According to the requirements of the standard. Or not regular maintenance of equipment and lead to. In the long run, it is bound to gradually shorten the life of fiber laser cutting machines. While also increasing its after-sales costs.

Some customers ask “how long is the life of a tube laser cutting machine?” Laser equipment, for example, is designed to last for more than a decade. Because of the core of the laser equipment life of up to 100,000 hours or more.

So how do you need to maintain the tube laser cutting machine? In your daily work, how to properly use the tube laser cutting machine?

What is a laser pipe cutting machine? What are the components?

Tube laser cutting is achieved by the relative motion of the laser beam and the workpiece. In the design of the machine, the tube is taken to rotate axially (X-axis). The laser head moves horizontally (y-axis) to synthesize the motion trajectory, i.e. the laser beam flies in a one-way motion. At the same time, the laser head (Z-axis) follows the movement for focal tracking. And the reciprocating processing of the workpiece in segments is controlled by the CNC system. Process parameters can be set according to the processing requirements of the workpiece.

CNC tube laser cutting machine mainly consists of tube cutting machine tool, CNC tube cutting system, laser, laser power supply, water cooling system, and other units. Of which the cutting machine tool is the core of the equipment.

3 factors affect the life of the laser tube cutting machine

First, for the laser tube cutting machine, the important part is the laser cutting head. Laser cutting head is a very fragile laser cutting machine, easy to damage. We need to take care of, if long-term use but not to maintain, it may lead to cutting head to stop working. So the operation of the important point is to master the maintenance of the laser cutting head. In addition, you need to check the straightness of the track of the cutting machine and the flatness of the machine found abnormal. When you need to promptly adjust.

Otherwise, it will increase the value of the cutting error of the workpiece, seriously affect the cutting quality and reduce the cutting speed. Second, the working environment of the laser tube cutter should be cleaned regularly. Which is also the operating essentials need to pay attention to.

Equipment in the processing of workpieces will produce a lot of processing waste dust. If not often clean will lead to the accumulation of dust amount, resulting in inaccurate cutting accuracy.

As well as the jamming of the rack phenomenon, which causes great harm. So it is necessary to keep the surrounding environment clean. Third, often to the laser tube cutting machine of each gear parts coated with some lubricant. Reduce the wear and tear of machinery, to keep the machine can operate normally.

laser pipe cutting machine

What factors will affect the life of the laser pipe cutting machine?

Relative to the traditional tube cutting, laser tube cutting machine produces less dust, easy to use, saves labor, high degree of automation. Do not need a person to look after the correct use of laser tube cutting machine need to do the following points.

  • the operator should be trained according to the correct use of laser tube cutting equipment manual before starting work
  • workers in the process of loading or should wear certain protective equipment, such as goggles
  • in strict accordance with the present material of the laser tube cutting equipment for cutting
  • in the process of cutting need to have a person present, in the absence of people need to turn off the machine
  • in case of laser pipe cutting equipment problems, immediately turn off the power. Do not repair without authorization, contact the after-sales service
  • regularly check the laser tube cutting equipment wear and tear, consumable parts

Laser tube cutting machine chuck maintenance

1. Do a good job of lubrication, can ensure that the chuck after a long time, still have good accuracy. But incorrect or inappropriate lubrication will lead to a number of problems, such as pneumatic chucks do not work properly at low air pressure. The clamping force is weakened, poor clamping accuracy, abnormal wear, and jamming, so you must correctly lubricate the chuck.

2.Use molybdenum disulfide grease (the color is black), put the grease into the chuck grease nozzle until the grease overflows the jaw surface or the chuck bore. If the chuck is used for a long time with high rotation or a lot of oxygen processing. More lubrication is needed, and the frequency of lubrication should be increased according to the specific situation.

3.After processing, the chuck must be cleaned by a high-pressure air gun or similar tools to clean the body of the chuck and the slideway surface. It is recommended to remove the chuck jaws every 6 months for cleaning (keep the sliding surface of the jaws clean), and give lubrication. Check the parts for rupture and wear, and replace the parts with new ones immediately. After inspection, brush the sliding surface of the jaws with sufficient lubricant, before assembly and use.

4. For different workpieces, use different clamping methods or make special fixture problems. Standard laser pipe cutting chuck is suitable for symmetrical closed pipe types. If you barely use it to clamp the irregular or strange workpiece. It will cause abnormal chuck; the chuck supply pressure is too high. It will make the chuck under high pressure or the chuck will still clamp the workpiece after shutting down. Which will reduce the life of the chuck and problems such as excessive chuck gap.

5.rust is another point, because the chuck rust will reduce the clamping force. Which will not be able to clamp the workpiece.

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