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How Much Is A CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine?

At present, the amount of metal pipes in the industrial market is very large, and the use of pipe laser cutting machines to process metal pipes can ensure the mass production of metal pipes. In the field of metal pipe processing and application, more and more manufacturers have used pipe laser cutting machines, which can cut round pipes, square pipes, and special-shaped pipes without entering. The operation is simple, and the use is quick and convenient.

The price of laser cutting machines for metal pipes on the market now ranges from hundreds of thousands to several million, which is of no reference value for customers who want to purchase laser cutting machines for pipes.

pipe laser cutting machin

When purchasing a laser tube cutting machine, customers must make it clear whether they are cutting round or square tubes. The diameter and thickness of the tube should be used to select the power. In addition, they also need to check the pre-sales and after-sales service of the tube laser cutting machine manufacturer. The price hastily bought the tube laser cutting machine.

What should be considered for the price of metal tube laser cutting machine?

Determine the pipe material

The price of the tube laser cutting machine should be selected based on the material and thickness of the tube. It is indeed impossible to accurately recommend the corresponding equipment for you. In addition to the material and thickness of the tube, it is better to provide your processing accuracy requirements and cutting surface requirements. Wait.

Clarify the cutting thickness of the pipe

If you want to cut thick metal pipes, it is better to use a fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser pipe cutting machine can be used as a reference for your purchase. The multi-dimensional pipe laser cutting machine manufacturer recommends that customers have more choices and do not be impatient.

Multiple comparisons

When buying, you need to compare multiple tube laser cutting machine manufacturers to see if there are price concessions, machine comparison configuration, price and service and other considerations, and choose the right tube laser cutting machine manufacturer.

tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine

What are the core components of the laser pipe cutting machine?

The pipe cutting machine tool, CNC pipe cutting system, laser, laser power supply, water cooling system and other units are composed of the cutting machine tool as the core of the equipment.

What are the advantages of laser tube cutting machine over other pipe cutting equipment?

The basis of laser tube cutting is the laser beam. Lasers are distinguished by wavelength. Because they can carry a large amount of information, there is no electromagnetic interference, and there is no signal leakage, so they are usually used in communication engineering. When applied to metal cutting, the advantages of its high energy density and narrow beam characteristics are reflected.

  1. It can perform complex cutting faster. For example, perforating and cutting various patterns on tubes of various shapes and sizes. In addition, laser tube cutting can provide a good cutting section, and there is no need to do secondary processing during subsequent welding and other processing, which is equally applicable to the cutting of thin-walled and thick-walled pipes.
  2. The cutting accuracy of laser tube cutting machines. Due to the improvement of modern laser cutting machines, industrial manufacturing applications involving small diameter pipes have been greatly accelerated.
metal tube laser cutting machine
metal tube laser cutting machine

Why is the laser pipe cutting machine so much more expensive than the saw blade pipe cutting machine?

The laser pipe cutting machine can cut bevels, and the cutting speed is fast

Ordinary automatic pipe cutting machines can not cut the angle, and the one that can cut the angle is generally a semi-automatic pipe cutting machine or a manual pipe cutting machine, which has low production efficiency.

More powerful

It can cut square holes and waist-shaped holes on round pipes, can cut various patterns on the surface of square pipes, can cut oblique end faces at the end of round pipes, and can hollow out holes. The ordinary pipe cutting machine has a single function and only has a cutting function.

The laser can cut pipes with a thickness of 0.29-12MM and a diameter of 10-270MM. However, ordinary pipe cutting machines are limited by saw blades and are only suitable for cutting pipes with a wall thickness of 5MM or less and a diameter of 140 or less.

Laser tube cutting machine can cut special-shaped tubes

It can cut everything that the ordinary pipe cutting machine can’t cut.

A wider range of materials that can be cut by laser

It can cut all kinds of metal pipes, and the ordinary pipe cutting machine needs to choose the corresponding pipe cutting machine according to the hardness of the pipe. Not a machine can cut all metal pipes.

The laser slit is small and there is no material loss problem.

This is the reason why the price of laser pipe cutting machine is higher than that of ordinary pipe cutting machine.

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