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How to Avoid Overburn When Laser Cutting Sheet Metal?

Many customers have overburned after purchasing a metal laser cutting machine. This article will explain how to overburn the laser cutting machine.

Comparison of 6000w laser cutting equipment and 12000w laser cutting equipment

1.Add cooling point at the corner

When cutting sharp-corner metal sheets, the location where overburning is more likely to occur is often at the sharp corners. Overburning will cut the sharp corners into a round shape. At this time, add a cooling point at the sharp corners and stop at the sharp corners. Click, blow.

2.Use high-power lasers

When cutting carbon steel, a higher power laser can be used, and a bright surface cutting process can be used to effectively avoid over-burning, and this cutting process can cut finished products with no burrs and bright cut surfaces

3.Cutting with nitrogen

In sheet metal cutting with oxygen as the auxiliary gas, nitrogen can be used for cutting. When nitrogen cutting, the material completely relies on the laser energy to melt, and the nitrogen blows out the slits, and inappropriate chemical reactions are avoided.

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