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How to Calculate Laser Cutting Calculator

Many customers think that buying a laser cutting machine only needs to know the supplier’s sales price, but the cost of a laser cutting machine is calculated by the hour, and a laser cutting calculator is necessary. How much gas, nitrogen, and oxygen are consumed per hour, minute, inch, and meter, which has a lot to do with the cost of using the laser machine late.

Factors affecting the cost of laser cutting; power, consumables, auxiliary gas consumption

To understand the cost of laser cutting, you need to refer to the laser cutting cost calculation formula in excel, and it can also be calculated according to the following laser cutting cost calculation software.

What is Laser Cutting Cost Calculator?

The laser cutting gas consumption calculator is specifically used to calculate the consumption of auxiliary gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, per hour and per minute in the laser cutting process.

This procedure takes into account mathematical models such as cutting speed, gas flow rate, and time, making it efficient and convenient.

precision laser cutters
precision laser cutters

Calculation of auxiliary gas consumption formula:

Gas consumption = auxiliary gas flow rate (CFM or LPM) * cutting speed (IPM or mm/min) * cutting time (min)

Oxygen and nitrogen laser cutting costs per minute table

This table summarizes the liquid oxygen time and liquid nitrogen requirements required for metal cutting of carbon steel and stainless steel of different thicknesses. For carbon steel, the liquid nitrogen requirement remains the same at 20kg regardless of thickness. For stainless steel, different thicknesses of metal cutting require different liquid nitrogen requirements.

MaterialThicknessVolume (40L/bottle)Liquid Oxygen Time (minutes)Liquid Nitrogen Requirement (kg)
Carbon Steel1mm404020
Carbon Steel2mm405020
Carbon Steel3mm406020
Carbon Steel4mm407020
Carbon Steel5mm408020
Carbon Steel6mm409020
Carbon Steel8mm4011020
Carbon Steel10mm4013020
Stainless Steel1mm403010
Stainless Steel2mm403010
Stainless Steel3mm403010
Stainless Steel4mm403020
Presentation in tabular form
3015 fiber laser cutting machine
3015 fiber laser cutting machine

What are the factors of laser cutting cost?

Factors such as laser type, cutting material, thickness and cutting speed can significantly affect gas consumption. The choice of assist gas and the power of the laser machine also play a role.

Laser power:

The thicker the plate cut by a higher-power laser, the more difficult it will be to cut, and the operating cost will be relatively higher. The operating cost of a 12kw laser machine is higher than that of a 4kw laser machine. CO2 lasers have lower power conversion efficiency than fiber lasers and are therefore more expensive to operate. Therefore, the appropriate power should be selected according to the requirements to save costs.

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Metal Material:

Different materials have different absorption and reflection rates for lasers, which are related to the characteristics of the material itself. The appropriate material type, thickness, and performance have a lot to do with the rotation.

Pattern complexity:

If the cutting graphics are complex and cumbersome, it will take longer and consume more gas.

Mass production:

High-volume production can offer the advantage of parts, and analyzing batch size and considering the cost of each part can help optimize production quantities and reduce overall costs.


Mainly considering the loss of mechanical components such as lasers, cutting heads, chillers, and blowers during long-term mass production, and the replacement of consumable parts such as laser protective mirrors, focusing mirrors, nozzles, and ceramic rings.

Maintenance costs

Equipment used for a long time will suffer losses and require regular maintenance, which also requires consumer costs.

tube cutting service

Advantages of laser cutting calculator

  • Better control costs without exceeding budget.
  • Improve material usage and reduce waste.
  • It can help us conduct better cost accounting, and manufacturers can effectively allocate resources, save more costs, and maximize profits.


Understanding the laser cutting gas consumption calculator can help business owners better improve production costs and save money. If you want to know more about laser cutting equipment, you can consult us.

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