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How to Choose A Welding Machine?

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, handheld laser welding machines have brought a lot of convenience to our lives and work, and have promoted the improvement of our living standards. There are many types of laser welding equipment. How to Choose A Laser Welding Machine?

For fiber laser welding equipment, we must fully consider which type of laser welding equipment our products are suitable for.

What are the types of laser welding equipment?

Laser welding equipment includes laser welding equipment with continuous optical fiber transmission and laser welding equipment with pulsed laser generators

To purchase laser welding equipment

The products we have seen are handheld laser welding machines, which are widely used in welding. Hand-held laser welding belongs to high-intensity laser welding, which includes two areas.

  • One is the effect of high-strength product welding
  • The high requirements of welded products butt welds.

Because laser welding is completed based on the self-melting of the sample, if the butt weld exceeds 1 mm, it is necessary to increase the welding wire.

Whether the product is suitable to use laser welding equipment for welding, we must fully consider the suitability of our own products when selecting laser welding equipment Can be fully considered according to the welding thickness of the laser welding equipment

hand held laser welder
hand held laser welder

For example, suppose the thickness of the laser welding of the product is 5mm-10mm
However, when the thickness of the laser welding equipment exceeds 3 mm, it is undoubtedly not suitable to fully consider the output power standard of the laser welding equipment.

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