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How to Choose the Laser Cutting Heads?

What is fiber laser cutting head?

The laser cutting head is the core component of the laser cutting machine. It is a laser output device, which consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focus tracking system.

Laser heads mainly include 10 parts: optical fiber line, optical core, upper protective lens, collimating lens group, focusing lens group, middle protective lens, lower protective lens, ceramic body, nozzle, and focus

laser cutting head

laser cutting heads installation tutorial

Many customers do not know whether to choose an auto-focus laser cutting machine or a manual laser cutting head when purchasing laser cutting equipment.

The laser cutter head is one of the important components of the laser cutting machine, it is very important in the cutting process,The metal cutting laser head seriously affects the cutting accuracy and cutting speed.

laser cutting head structure diagram

Laser cutting heads structure diagram

focus bm110 raytool laser

focus bm110 raytools fiber laser cutting head

Depending on the thickness of the cutting plate, the laser cutter head requires different power of the laser, and the price of the high-power laser cutting head is relatively higher. When choosing an industrial laser cutting machine, customers should not only consider the price, but also the quality and speed of cutting carbon steel plates.

Laser cutting heads are generally used for cutting metal sheets such as stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum sheets, etc. The requirements for laser cutting heads are relatively higher, and higher melting points require high-power laser cutting heads.

The thicker the metal sheet, the higher the laser power required. For thin sheets with low power, it is recommended to use a laser cutting head less than 3000w. In addition, a suitable laser head should be selected according to the thickness of the sheet to be cut, and the cutting effect is satisfactory.

laser cutting head for CNC

IPG fiber laser head

The components of the laser cutting machine cutting head are: nozzle, focusing lens and focus tracking system. The cutting head has a focusing shaping part, which can make the light spot energy higher during industrial processing and improve processing efficiency. And according to the actual processing scene, the laser spot shape and processing depth can be adjusted when outputting light.

Raytools Laser Cutting Head

Quality. The raw materials of Heijingang laser cutting head are imported from Germany, with high craftsmanship and good quality. In terms of price. Compared with other brands of cutting heads, Heijingang fiber laser head is more economical and cost-effective. Heijingang fiber laser head is better.

Precitec Fiber Laser Head

With auto-focus system, high-speed operation, simple and intelligent operation, flexible design, and fast cutting. Generally, the 1000w-3000w laser cutting head for cnc on the market can meet the cutting of metal sheet.

There are many laser cutting head manufacturers on the market for you to choose from, such as: ipg laser cutting head, raytools fiber laser head, precitec fiber laser cutting head, if you want to buy cheap fiber laser cutting head price, it is best to go to the manufacturer for field inspection Look, compare several metal cutting laser head factories.

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