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Laser Cleaning System: Advanced Laser Equipment Changes Metal Surfaces

What is laser cleaning?

Laser cleaning is also called laser cleaning system. Laser surface cleaning mainly uses the energy generated by laser to easily remove debris on metal surfaces, including oxides, paint, paint, coatings, rust, etc.

How does laser rust removal work?

The composition of laser clean systems

Fiber lasers, laser cleaning guns, cleaning systems, optical components and CNC operating systems. The fiber laser is the heart of the device, generating a beam of light for efficient cleaning.

metal rust removal oxide painting coating removal laser cleaning machine
metal rust removal oxide painting coating removal laser cleaning machine

Lazer cleaning application

  • Industrial market: engaged in industries related to metal processing, automobile production, agricultural machinery production, ship
  • Protection of cultural relics: Cultural relics are stored underground for a long time. After contact with water and oxygen, a chemical reaction occurs on the surface and rust is produced. The rust can be easily and effectively removed using laser cleaning equipment;
  • Medical equipment: Using laser cleaning and rust removal equipment can ensure safety and health.

Why choose laser cleaning metal surfaces ?

  1. Non-contact cleaning, clean, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free
  2. CNC touch screen operation, no professional certificate is required to work
  3. Applicable to a variety of materials, metal, cultural relics, glass, wood, cardboard, etc.
best clean laser rust removal
best clean laser rust removal


Laser cleaning metal surfaces will damage the surface several times?

No, non-contact cleaning, no damage.

What is the price of laser ablation cleaning?

The price of the laser cleaning system on the market is about 5,000 US dollars to 10,000 US dollars. Because the power is different, the cleaning amplitude and width are different, and the price is also different. For the specific price, you can consult the laser cleaning machine manufacturer or supplier.

Can laser cleaning replace traditional cleaning methods?

At present, laser cleaning machines cannot completely replace traditional cleaning, because laser cleaning systems are suitable for small-scale local cleaning, such as ship manufacturing. If you use laser cleaning for large-scale rust removal cleaning, the workload is still very large. I believe that the development of laser cleaning in the future will become more and more powerful.

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