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How Laser Corrosion Cleaning Works

Laser metal corrosion cleaning are increasingly used to remove rust and corrosion from metal surfaces. These laser cleaning machine for metal machines use a high powered laser beam to ablate eroded material, leaving a clean smooth surface.

What does corrosion mean and what does it involve?

Corrosion is most commonly known as “metal rust”, the surface of iron rust, green rust on the surface of copper, metal and its environment between the medium of chemical or electrochemical effects caused by damage called corrosion, for example: steel in the process of high-temperature rolling, the surface and the oxygen in the air directly generated by the oxidation of rolling oxide, and constantly fall off, as well as marine engineering steel structure surface in seawater through a number of electrochemical reactions and become rust, etc., are typical cases of metal corrosion.

china laser cleaning machine suppliers
china laser cleaning machine suppliers

Aluminium and its alloys corrode, but not in the usual “rusty” way, but in most cases as a white flocculent or fine-grained substance.
Corrosion of metals has three components: the material, the environment and the type of reaction, which includes both metallic and non-metallic materials. Materials due to its composition and organization of the characteristics of the environment in which it can occur with the role of corrosion, which is the internal causes of corrosion, different components of the impact of corrosion is very large, the environment is the external jump into the corrosion occurs, the concentration of the medium, the composition of corrosion has a great impact.
In the aircraft, ships and so on turn next door in a variety of corrosion phenomena, the vast majority is still a variety of metal parts of the corrosion. Corrosion of metal materials is still the focus of attention of defence equipment workers corrosion protection.

What are the hazards of metal corrosion?

Metal corrosion to human society brought about by the loss and harm is very huge, mainly in three aspects

Cause the national economy of the great loss and metal material consumption

According to some industrially developed countries, the annual direct economic loss caused by corrosion accounts for about 1.8%-4.2% of the gross national product, the economic loss of corrosion in the United States accounted for 4.2% of the national economic loss, the United Kingdom for 3.5%.

Corrosion causes major accidents and serious environmental pollution

Corrosion can even cause fires, explosions and other major accidents, is a huge loss of equipment and people’s lives and property, corrosion is a major factor affecting the safety of equipment and systems, corrosion leakage will lead to serious pollution of the environment.

Corrosion hinders the development of new technologies, cutting-edge science and defence science and technology

The adoption of new technologies is a great boost to production, but if the corrosion problem is not solved, its application will be seriously hampered.

laser cleaning machine
fiber laser metal cleaner machines

Some applications of laser metal cleaning machine in metal corrosion:

Surface preparation:

Laser metal cleaning machines can be used to remove rust and other forms of corrosion from metal surfaces prior to painting or painting. This helps to improve the adhesion and longevity of the coating.

Maintenance of metal parts:

Laser metal cleaning machines can be used to remove rust from metal parts in mechanical equipment. This helps improve the performance and reliability of the device.

Restoration of historical artifacts:

Laser metal cleaning machines are used to restore historical artifacts made of metal. These machines remove corrosion and other damage without causing further damage to the artefact.

Aerospace Industry:

Laser metal cleaning machines are used in the aerospace industry to remove corrosion from critical components such as engine blades and other metal parts.

Using a laser cleaning metal machine is an effective and efficient way to remove corrosion from metal surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive techniques. This process helps extend the life of metal components, reduces maintenance costs and improves performance.

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