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Laser paint removal (laser paint stripper )is now widely used in the field of heritage restoration. Whether you are a professional supplier or a Diy enthusiast, learning to master laser paint removal can help your project.
This article takes you in-depth understanding of laser paint removal.

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What is laser paint removal

Laser paint removal tool is a green and environmentally friendly device that removes paints and coatings on metal surfaces without contact, mainly because paints and coatings can absorb laser power and quickly evaporate paint to achieve the effect of removal.

Laser cleaning paints are widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, ship manufacturing, mechanical equipment constant production, cultural relics restoration and other fields. Laser paint removal machines include lasers, hand-held cleaning gun heads, numerical control operating systems, etc. Efficient and precise removal of metal surfaces to be removed.

Benefits of laser paint stripping machine

High precision

Precise cleaning can be achieved on complex metal surfaces to remove impurities and maintain surface integrity without damaging the substrate.

Green environmental protection

Compared with traditional sandblasting chemical cleaning, it produces less waste, does not produce harmful chemicals, and is more environmentally friendly and healthy.


Reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals creates a safer work environment for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

How laser paint remover works

car manufacturer

car restoration

Laser paint removal is widely used in the automotive industry to repair vintage cars to remove old paint and rust to reveal the original paint surface.

laser cleaning stone

historic preservation

For the restoration of historic buildings and artifacts, laser paint removal can be invaluable in maintaining the architectural integrity of these structures.


Marine industry

Ship owners and shipyards use laser paint stripping technology to clean and repaint ships without causing damage to the hull.

laser rust removal system

Laser system
Different types of lasers are used to remove paint, including carbon dioxide lasers and fiber lasers. Choose the appropriate laser based on project requirements.

welding helmet

Safety precautions
Safety goggles, protective clothing and proper ventilation are crucial when using laser paint removal equipment.

laser metal stripping best practices

Wholesale China industrial laser paint removal

Laser paint stripping is not without its challenges, including cost, complexity and limitations of certain materials. Understanding these factors is critical to successful project planning.


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