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Which One is Better, Laser Cutting vs Plasma Cutting?

With the rapid development of science and technology, fiber laser cutting equipment has entered more industrial enterprises. Laser cutting vs plasma cutting can be used to cut sheet metal. What is the difference between the two? There are big differences in the performance of mechanical equipment, cutting process, cost, and cutting effect. Which one is more suitable for you?

laser cutter metal
laser cutter metal

Plasma vs laser cutter Working principle

Metal plasma cutter

By heating auxiliary gas, argon, or compressed air to high-temperature plasma gas, the metal sheet is melted with plasma gas to achieve the effect of cutting. It belongs to thermal cutting equipment.

Laser cutting machine

The high-energy heat generated by the laser is used to focus on a single point to cut the sheet.

Laser cutter vs plasma cutter cost

Plasma vs laser cutter is much cheaper.Fiber laser cutting machines are relatively expensive, about 3 times more expensive than plasma.

cnc plasma cutting machine
cnc plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutter vs laser cutter configuration

Plasma cutter vs laser Table:

Laser cutting machine bed: 3000*1500mm 4000*1500mm 4000*2500mm 6000*2050mm 14000*2500mm

  • Laser: The laser is the core component of the laser cutting machine. When selecting, you need to pay attention to factors such as the brand, power, and stability of the laser. Well-known brands such as IPG, Coherent, TRUMPF, etc. have relatively good quality and after-sales
  • Laser head: The choice of laser head is closely related to the laser. Factors that need attention include the optical system, focusing method, following system, etc. It is recommended to choose a laser head that matches the laser to ensure beam quality and cutting performance.
  • Control system: The control system directly affects the operability and stability of the laser cutting machine. Mainstream brands include CypCut, Lantek, etc. When choosing, you can consider the control system’s ease of use, functional completeness, and compatibility with other equipment.
  • Motor: The choice of motor is related to the motion performance and accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Common brands include Yaskawa, Panasonic, Delta, etc. It is recommended to choose a servo motor, which has relatively good accuracy and stability.

Plasma cutting machine bed: 2700*6300mm can be customized

  • Bilateral drive, heavy-duty tailor-welded beam, 4 meters horizontally, effective cutting 3 meters; optional 4-8 meters horizontally;
  • The longitudinally precision-machined 24KG rail has an effective length of 4 meters and can be lengthened arbitrarily; optional 38KG and 43KG guide rails are available. 1 flame, electric adjustment;
  • The latest industrial-grade CNC system CCM3, 10.4-inch LCD screen;
  • Equipped with domestic expert version of nesting software, with common edge and bridging functions; optional Australian Fastcam nesting software
  • 1-3 flames can be added for simultaneous cutting to improve production efficiency;
  • It can be equipped with automatic arc voltage adjustment and plasma power supply to realize dual use of flame and plasma.
  • Original imported Japanese Panasonic servo drive
laser cut carbon steel
laser cut carbon steel

Plasma vs laser cutting material

Laser plasma cutter can be used for various metal materials, large, thick, and rough metal plates, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, carbon steel, etc. The width of the suture is about 3mm, and the burr problem needs to be dealt with later.

Laser cutting machines such as metal, non-metal, composite materials, etc. CO2 laser cutting machines can also cut glass, ceramics, wood, foam, etc.

Plasma vs laser Power consumption

The core component of the plasma cutting machine is the power supply of the fiber laser of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, the power consumption of the plasma is considerable. Commonly used spare parts and electrode protection.

laser cutting machine metal
laser cutting machine metal

Laser cutting vs plasma cutting Speed

Plasma cutting machine:

The cutting speed is fast, making it suitable for large-scale production and processing.

Laser cutting machine:

It has advantages in processing thin plates, resulting in higher cutting speed and efficiency.

Plasma vs laser cutter Cutting accuracy

Plasma can reach within 1mm,

During the cutting process, more heat is generated, causing the edges to melt and deform easily. The cutting accuracy is relatively low, and the cutting range is also limited.

The laser can reach within 0.2mm.

Non-contact cutting does not damage the substrate, the cutting heat affected zone is small, the plate is not easy to deform, and the seam is narrow (0.1mm~ 0.3mm); the incision has no mechanical stress, no shear burr; high precision, numerical control programming can process any plan, no need to open the mold, saving costs.

automobile manufacturing industry
automobile manufacturing industry

Laser vs plasma cutter Application

Ion-cutting machines are suitable for the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of various mechanical and metal structures, as well as for cutting, opening, digging, and opening slopes of plates.

Plasma cutting vs laser cutting cost

Plasma cutting machine: The equipment cost of a plasma cutting machine is usually lower. However, due to the high amount of heat generated during the cutting process it may cause wear and aging of the equipment, which in turn increases maintenance costs.

Laser cutting machine: The equipment cost of a laser cutting machine is relatively high. However, due to its high cutting accuracy and small heat-affected zone, the equipment wear degree is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is relatively low.

laser cut
laser cut


Plasma cutter vs laser cutter has its advantages and disadvantages and scope of application. When choosing, you need to choose the right cutting equipment according to the actual production needs and use environment. If you need high precision, small area, thin material cutting, then a laser cutting machine is a better choice; if you need large, heavy material cutting, then a plasma cutting machine is more suitable.

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