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Difference Between Laser Welding vs Tig Welding

With the rapid development of the welding market, for novice users, there are many differences between laser welding and tig welding. For beginners, how to choose is a very difficult thing. This question will describe in detail laser welding vs tig.

The portable laser welding machine is a new type of laser welder, which is easy to operate, convenient to use, saves raw materials, and improves work efficiency.

aluminum laser welding machine factory
aluminum laser welding machine factory

What is a laser welder

Laser welding machines include high energy density, precise control, reduced heat affected zone, fast welding, large depth, small deformation, high weld quality, suitable for a variety of materials (including refractory materials and transparent materials), easy automation, and environmentally friendly ( No harmful substances are produced).

Laser welding video /how does a laser welder work

What is tig welding

TIG welding is a welding process that uses arc heat generated between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece to melt the base metal and filler wire under the protection of inert gas (such as argon, helium). In TIG welding, the tungsten electrode does not participate in melting and is only used as an electrode.

How does tig welding work

Compared with traditional MIG and TIG welding machines:

  1. Lightweight portable laser welding machine can significantly speed up welding
  2. Easy to learn and operate
  3. And can provide consistent in various materials and thickness ranges
  4. High-quality results, and low heat input, and has the aesthetic effect of little or no filler wire.

Laser weld strength vs tig

Many novice users of laser welding will ask “is laser welding stronger than tig”. Do you also have questions about this?

  • Laser welding has high efficiency, much higher than TIG welding;
  • Laser can weld thick plates, while TIG is only suitable for thin plate welding;
  • Laser welding has small deformation, small hole welding, and narrow heat-affected zone.

Laser weld vs tig price

The price of laser welding metal is more expensive than that of Tig Welding.

Lazer welding machines are more expensive than TIG welding machines, but taking the laser system as an example, although the sales price is about 30% higher than the TIG system, its production capacity is 80% higher than the TIG system, and the pipe end quality is higher. Customers are using lasers that are proven in thousands of cutting and welding applications, and laser welding machines are rugged and durable products.

The price of laser welding will be affected by many factors. The prices of different types of laser welding machines are different. Generally, a general-purpose laser welding machine costs about US$5,000 to US$14,000. You can buy it directly from the Reasonable, quality is more guaranteed.

The price of tig welding is generally around US$13. It is mostly practical for small parts processing, DIY or welding hobby users.

Laser welder vs tig material

  • Compared with TIC welding, welding materials are widely used, including coated metals, such as electroplated or aluminized steel.
  • Laser welded seams can be strengthened by annealing to cope with the pipe expansion that will occur after welding.
welding machine
welding machine

Fiber laser welding vs tig welding speed

The welding speed of the laser welding machine is 3 times higher than that of TIG, from 1.2 meters/minute to 3.5 meters/minute. When using 3.2kW laser power to weld materials with a thickness of 1.2 mm, the speed is also nearly 3 times faster.

The use of laser ensures that the power fully covers the entire welding length, so there will be no quality degradation due to power on/off at the end of the pipe.

Simple controls for welding machine:

  • 1.74 stored presets and user-defined process parameters
  • 2.Novice welders can train and weld within a few hours
  • 3.Reduce labor costs, while improving quality, consistency and productivity.

Laser welding system vs traditional method :

  1. The welding fixture is simpler or unnecessary, and the metal does not need to be brushed or completely polished in advance,
  2. Novices can also reliably weld materials with different thicknesses and high/low conductivity.
  3. Minimizing the heat-affected zone, the traditional post-processing grinding or polishing requirements have also been improved, thereby increasing productivity, reducing waste and reducing unit costs.
  4. The laser power of up to 1500 watts can be easily adjusted through intuitive controls, which can quickly adjust the best welding settings for various materials and thicknesses. The selected storage mode can provide a high peak power of up to 2500 watts, which has a higher welding capacity.
welder 1

I believe that companies that have used laser vs tig welding will have a deep understanding of the advantages of laser vs tig welding. Of course, the purchase of equipment must be based on the company’s own specific circumstances. All companies seeking improvement believe that they will not reject high quality welding that suits them. As for the equipment, the reputation of lazer welding machines has been recognized by many companies in the industry since its promotion. We look forward to better welding equipment appearing on the market.


Are laser welders any good

Laser welding machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency welding equipment, which is widely used in automobile, aviation, electronics, medical and other industries.

However, the price of laser welding machines is relatively high, and the operation is difficult and requires certain skills and experience.
Laser beams are dangerous and require attention to safety issues.

What is laser beam welding

Laser beam welding is also often called laser welding machine, laser welding machine, which is also divided into heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding. It uses the principle of atomic stimulated radiation to stimulate the working material to produce a light beam with high monochromaticity, strong directionality and high brightness.

Laser welding vs mig welding

MIG hybrid welding increases penetration and welding speed. During the welding process, metal vapor volatilizes and reacts in the plasma zone.

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