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Collection of Industrial Laser Cuting Machine Problems

Many customers in the procurement of industrial laser cutter machine will encounter many problems, DOWELL laser cutter manufacturers for these questions, to do some answers, I hope the to help you, then watch the following article it.

Who made lasers

On May 16, 1960, Theodore Maiman developed the world’s first laser. The industrial market saw a new transformation.

How industrial laser cutters work

The industrial laser cutter machine is now an indispensable CNC machine for cutting sheet metal in the industrial market. The image to be cut is fed into the CNC laser cutting system, and then the thermal energy of the laser beam is used to cut a specific sheet metal pattern according to the pattern on the CNC machine.

Industrial laser cutters are very popular because of their high cutting accuracy and speed, which can save time and labor costs faster.

Components of industrial laser cutter machine

The commercial laser cutter consists of a fiber laser, cutting head, laser cutting system and laser cutting table.

laser generator

Fiber laser

The core part of the sheet metal cutting laser, which can realize the function of photoelectric conversion, can release a very strong laser beam, high temperature irradiation on the surface of the sheet metal, which will cause the sheet metal surface to melt and thus realize the function of cutting.

cutting head
cutting head

Cutting head

The laser cutting head mainly plays an intermediate role in the laser and sheet metal cutting and contains Collimation assembly, focusing assembly, protective mirror box, sensor and control box, cutting nozzle, etc.

professional plate cnc cutting system
professional plate cnc cutting system

Laser cutting system

Laser cutting systems use a focused or shaped laser beam as a precision processing tool to selectively remove (ablate) material.

PA8000 system:

Open CNC system, mainly used in high power laser cut machines, with the advantages of high speed, high accuracy and closed-loop multiple detection.

FSCUT system:

The most frequently used software on the market, can automatically optimize drawings when importing files, simple operation and concise interface

PIC system:

A more complex digital system. Specially used in industrial environments, mainly for controlling switching quantities.

integral welding bed
integral welding bed

Laser cutting table

Cast iron bed, high lightness, high solidity and stability

How much do commercial laser cut machines cost

At present is the market above the laser cutter machine manufacturers numerous, industrial laser cutter price is also different, the price in 20,000 U.S. dollars – 300,000 U.S. dollars ranging, this according to the laser cutting power, configuration is different, the price is also different, want to find the professional industrial metal cutting laser is best or to the factory site visits to see.

If you want to buy the cheapest metal cutting laser in many laser cutter markets, you need to cut the thickness of the plate according to your own budget and the power of the laser cutting machine you need. On Alibaba, Amazon, AliExpress and other platforms, Read customer reviews about laser cutting machine and choose the most suitable industrial laser cutter price.

When was the laser cutter invented

In 1964, electrical engineer Kumar Patel invented the gas laser cutting equipment for carbon dioxide mixtures
1964 J. E. Geusic engineers crystal laser process invented successfully
1967 British apply laser cutting in practical processing
1970 Western Electric in the United States of America introduced the commercial laser cutter and applied it in aerospace industry applications.

How is a laser cutter used in industry

The industrial laser cutter is widely used in the sheet metal industry, elevator, machinery production, aviation field, shipbuilding, automobile production, advertising industry, fitness equipment, kitchen kitchenware and other markets.

construction machinery steel
construction machinery steel

How fast is a laser cutter

The cutting speed of the laser cutting equipment depends on the power of the material and the thickness of the material.
Power determines the energy of the laser. The greater the power, the greater the depth of cut.

Carbon Steel61.41.
140. 650.80.90.9-1
high power fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer
fiber laser cutter factory

Which industrial laser cutter is best

To get the best industrial laser cutter at the right price, you need to know exactly what it will be used for, how thick the sheet will be cut, and what size the sheet will be.

There are many industrial laser cutters factors that you need to consider when purchasing anindustrial laser cutting equipment, and here are some of them:

Power of the laser cutting equipment: The thicker the sheet metal to be cut, the higher the power of the industrial laser cutter for metal required.
Price: the budget you expect in mind, choose the fiber laser cutter that meets your needs and budget.
The size of the laser cutting equipment: how big a table you need and what size of the sheet you are cutting so that you can choose the right laser cutting table.
Manufacturer’s delivery: fiber laser cutter factory order situation is different, so the production of equipment delivery are different.
After-sales maintenance: machine in the process of use, the laser cutter machine manufacturers maintenance and after-sales handling of problems in a timely manner these are to be taken into account as well as parts prices.

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