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How to Properly Maintain the Handheld Laser Welding Machine?

After purchasing a handheld laser welding machine, many customers do not know how to maintain the machine. If the equipment is properly maintained, the service life of the machine can be extended. Many friends should be very curious about how to properly use and maintain handheld laser welding machines. This article will provide you with a detailed introduction.

laser welding machine
laser welding machine

1. Regularly check and replace the internal circulating water

The secret of the handheld laser welding machine to ensure high output efficiency lies in the high purity of the cooling water because the high purity of the cooling water is a key factor to ensure the updated output power and laser life. 

The centralized spray gun assembly can achieve better maintenance, and the service life of the fiber laser welding machine is longer. The conductivity of the internal circulating water should be checked once a week, and the deionized water of the internal circulating water should be replaced once a month. 

At this time, attention should be paid to the conductivity of the newly injected pure water. Within the specified range. When replacing deionized water, please pay attention to the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. 

If the color of the resin in the replacement column changes to dark brown or black, the resin should be replaced immediately.

2. Regularly check the output spot of the laser

In order to better ensure that the output light spot of the laser tends to be stable, the operator needs to check the output light spot of the laser frequently with black photographic paper. If it is found that the output spot is unbalanced or the energy is reduced, the laser resonator needs to be adjusted in time to ensure the quality of the light output by the laser and prevent people from directly viewing the laser as much as possible. daily work. 

If you want to operate or debug the fiber laser welding machine, the debugger must be equipped with special laser protective glasses.

In short, the daily maintenance of the handheld laser fiber laser welding machine requires regular inspection of the circulating water in the equipment, and at the same time, the deionized water in the internal circulating water needs to be replaced.

laser welding machine products

In addition, the output point of the fiber laser welding machine should be checked regularly. In addition, if you need to adjust the fiber laser welding machine, it must be operated by professionals.



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