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The Difference Between Light Portable Laser Welding and Traditional Welding

The lightweight portable laser welding machine is a new type of laser welding machine, which is easy to operate, convenient to use, saves raw materials, and improves work efficiency.

A new type of handheld laser welding system, compared with traditional welding products, it allows manufacturers to have greater flexibility, precision, and ease of use.

portable laser welding machine
portable laser welding machine

Compared with traditional MIG and TIG welding machines:

  1. Lightweight portable laser welding machine can significantly speed up welding
  2. Easy to learn and operate
  3. And can provide consistent in various materials and thickness ranges
  4. High-quality results, and low heat input, and has the aesthetic effect of little or no filler wire.

Simple controls for lightweight portable laser welding machine:

1.74 stored presets and user-defined process parameters

2.Novice welders can train and weld within a few hours

3.Reduce labor costs, while improving quality, consistency and productivity.

Features of light laser welding machine:

  1. Faster and more flexible processing capabilities,
  2. Can weld thick, thin and reflective metals,
  3. Minimal undercut or burn through.
portable laser welding machine factory
portable laser welding machine factory

The light portable laser welding machine is different from the traditional method in 4 places:

  1. The welding fixture is simpler or unnecessary, and the metal does not need to be brushed or completely polished in advance,
  2. Novices can also reliably weld materials with different thicknesses and high/low conductivity.
  3. Minimizing the heat-affected zone, the traditional post-processing grinding or polishing requirements have also been improved, thereby increasing productivity, reducing waste and reducing unit costs.
  4. The laser power of up to 1500 watts can be easily adjusted through intuitive controls, which can quickly adjust the best welding settings for various materials and thicknesses. The selected storage mode can provide a high peak power of up to 2500 watts, which has a higher welding capacity.

The light portable laser welding machine comes standard with swing welding, which can provide an additional welding width of up to 5 mm. Other standard features include:

1.1.5 meters long transmission cable can increase the access rights of parts;

2.Connection of gas and external connections; multilayer sensors and interlocking devices for operator safety;

3.Connection of gas and external connections; multilayer sensors and interlocking devices for operator safety;

The lightweight portable laser welding machine realizes a more environmentally friendly welding process, with low power consumption, low operating noise, reduced consumables, cleaning, and scrapping.

Andrea Chen

Andrea Chen

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