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Metal Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in the Automotive Industry

With the rapid development of industrial production, the manufacture of auto parts is inseparable from metal processing. Therefore, a large number of metal laser pipe cutting machines are sent to this large-scale auto parts market base for production every year.

fiber laser pipe cutting machine

What makes the laser pipe cutting machine so reused?

  • For auto parts manufacturers, processing technology determines the quality of auto parts, and quality determines the price and profit of auto parts. Therefore, if manufacturers want to increase profits and enhance the company’s competitiveness, improving processing technology is the only way. The only way to improve the strength of the processing technology is to replace powerful processing equipment. As a “precision” high-efficiency intelligent equipment, the laser pipe cutting machine is more suitable for the auto parts processing industry. It uses non-contact processing and has a small thermal effect zone. The surface of the pipe is affected in any way.
  • Generally speaking, auto parts are basically made of stainless steel with a thickness of less than 2mm. If they are processed with traditional processing equipment, the tool wears quickly or even chipping, and it is easy to cause poor processing surfaces and difficult to remove chips. However, the laser pipe cutting machine cuts stainless steel-“fast”, basically without burrs, with a smooth cutting surface, and even equipped with a pipe slag removal system, which can effectively remove 95% of the iron filings in the pipe.
  • As a high-tech product, the metal laser pipe cutting machine can already be produced with a high degree of automation. It has a fully automatic loading and unloading rack and a CNC motion system. It does not require manual intervention from feeding to cutting and forming, which greatly liberates human pressure and automatically recognizes the end of the material. Automatic cutting, the tailings are as low as 40mm, which saves a lot of pipes and saves a lot of resources for the enterprise.
tube laser cutting machine

This is why more and more auto parts manufacturing companies have begun to choose metal laser pipe cutting machines for processing. The laser metal tube cutting machine can not only achieve ultra-low-cost processing, save raw materials, but also truly reduce the production cost of the enterprise and increase the profit value.

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