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Tube Laser Cutting Machine in the Door and Window Industry

Doors and windows are an indispensable part of the real estate industry. With the development of the real estate industry, it has also driven the upstream and downstream development of the real estate industry.

The demand of the door and window industry is huge, which has higher requirements for the processing efficiency and quality of door and window products. It is said that one of every three door and window cutting manufacturers is using a tube laser pipe cutting machine.

The tube laser cutting machine is an indispensable weapon in door and window cutting. With the development of laser technology, Internet of Things technology, and Internet technology, the tube laser cutting machine has become more and more intelligent, allowing every terminal customer in the door and window industry Obtained tangible benefits.

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What is a tube laser cutting machine?

The tube laser cutting machine is a high-tech product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other disciplines. It can realize a series of functions such as fully automatic bundle feeding, CCD pipe cross-section recognition system, pipe floating custody mechanism, automatic sorting and unloading of finished pipe fittings, intelligent remote monitoring, and automatic tube sheet length measurement.

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The use of pipe laser cutting in the door and window industry

In door and window cutting, there is no shortage of pipes such as square pipes, rectangular pipes, round pipes, oval pipes and special-shaped pipes, and tubular profiles such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, T-shaped steel, etc., which are all applicable to the laser pipe cutting machine, and more than enough. At the same time, the materials that can be processed by the laser tube cutting machine include carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes, copper alloy pipes, titanium alloy pipes and other metal pipe materials.

In addition, the pipes used in the door and window industry are diverse and have different diameters. In addition to fully automated cutting, the pipe laser cutting machine can also perform bevel cutting, perforation, engraving, and rotary perforation to achieve a variety of pipes. Chemical processing.

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The company is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-power laser equipment. After years of hard work and steady development, the company has produced and supplied more than 100 types of laser sheet cutting equipment and tube cutting equipment in five categories and twelve series, which are widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, and rail transit. , Machinery manufacturing and other fields, provide professional and fast industry application comprehensive solutions for the sheet metal processing market.

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