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Laser Derusting Machine Operation Video

The rust laser rust remover is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning. Easy to install, operate and automate. The operation is simple, turn on the electricity, open the equipment, you can clean without chemical reagents, media, dust, and water. It can automatically focus and fit the music.

Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech products for surface treatment.

Features of laser cleaning machine:

  1. Easy to install, control and realize automation.
  2. The operation is simple, the power is turned on, the equipment is turned on, and the cleaning can be carried out without chemical reagents, medium, dust and water. It can be cleaned on curved surfaces and the clean surface is high
  3. It can remove resin, paint, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coating, plating and oxide layer on the surface of the object,
  4. The industry has a wide range of applications, covering ships, auto repair, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, rails, and environmental protection.



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