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2023 New Handheld Air-cooled Laser Welding Machine

Air-cooled welding machine is a new type of laser welding equipment that is more popular in the industrial market at present. During the welding process, air is used to cool the internal components of the machine, such as transformers and rectifiers. This is in contrast to water-cooled welders, which use liquid coolant to dissipate heat.

air cooled hanheld laser welder manufacturer
air cooled handheld laser welder manufacturer

Air cooled laser welding machines are generally smaller, more portable, and less expensive than water-cooled laser welding machines, making them a popular choice for hobbyists, DIYers, and small-scale welding operations. Despite its smaller size, air-cooled hand held laser welders still provide ample power output for a variety of welding applications, from thin gauge sheet metal to thicker steel plates.

Handheld metal laser welding machine list:

  • Fiber laser welding gun
  • Laser Welding System
  • Air Cooled Laser
  • Fixture
  • Protection goggle
  • Protective helmet

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