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What are the Main Laser Cutter Parts Components?

With the rapid development of science and technology, especially after the epidemic, the market demand for laser cutting machine is getting higher and higher. For beginners of laser cutting machines, knowing the laser cutting machine parts can help them quickly choose the laser cutting equipment that suits them.

This article will take you to understand the components of laser cutter parts; I hope it can help you!

sheet metal laser cutting machine factory
sheet metal laser cutting machine factory

Essential Components parts of laser cutting machine

Main component of laser includes a laser cutter head, fiber laser, laser cutter controller, air compressor for the laser cutter, laser cutting bed, water cooler, laser cutter exhaust blower, and other accessories.

Each laser cutter parts in-depth

Fiber laser:

The basic components of a laser cutting machine parts, which belongs to the source of heart power and has high photoelectric conversion efficiency. Brands include Raycus, IPG, MAX, etc.

laser generator
laser generator

Laser cutter head:

It is a laser output device with a nozzle, a focusing lens, and a focus tracking system. Currently, there are many manufacturers of laser cutting heads in the market, including RayTools, WSX, IPG, and Precitec.

Laser control board

Control the operation of the machine tool to realize the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes and control the fiber laser’s output power.

raytools fiber laser cutting head
Raytools fiber laser cutting head

Laser cutting bed

It belongs to the rotation system of the laser cutting machine, mainly including the bed, beam, worktable, Z-axis system, gas control system, electric control system, transmission system, protective shell, safety system, etc.

water chiller
water chiller

Water cooler:

A cooling device can quickly and efficiently cool lasers, spindles, and other devices.

Air supply system:

Including air source, filter device, and pipeline. The gas sources include bottled gas, liquefied gas, and compressed air.

Servo motor:

A motor that controls the operation of mechanical elements in a servo system. The servo motor can accurately control the speed and position accuracy and convert the control signal into speed and position to drive the control object.

servo motor
servo motor


As a medium gas cylinder and an auxiliary gas cylinder, it provides auxiliary gas for industrial gas and cutting heads.

Air compressor for laser cutter:

Provide and store compressed air.

Air Cooled Dryers and Filters

Used to provide clean and dry air to the laser generator and optical path to keep the optical path and mirrors working normally.

Dust collector:

The smoke and dust during the processing are extracted and filtered to make the exhaust gas discharge meet the environmental protection standard.

Laser cutter exhaust blower:

Remove scraps and scraps generated during processing.

Power Supply:

The power system connects lasers, CNC machine tools, and power supply systems. Mainly to prevent external power grid interference.

laser cutter
metal laser cutter

The above is the introduction basic components of a laser cutting parts. In addition, many laser cutting machine spare parts and accessories have not been mentioned. The metal laser cutting machine replaces traditional cutting problems such as low efficiency and cumbersome work. Now you only need to cut The image input to the CNC laser cutting system can be easily cut without limitation.

If you want to know more about main components of laser cutters, consult DOWELL laser cutting machine manufacturer for more information.

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