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What Does CNC Laser Cutting Machine Operator Do?

A laser cutting machine operator is a professional responsible for the operation and maintenance of CNC laser cutting machines.

cnc laser cutting machine operator
cnc laser cutting machine operator

Laser machine operator job description:

  1. Understand the basic principles and structure of laser cutting machines, and master the operation methods.
  2. Be familiar with common faults and maintenance methods of laser cutting machines.
  3. Be familiar with the basic knowledge of cutting and processing, and understand the characteristics and cutting requirements of various materials.
  4. Master safety knowledge and be familiar with the operation and use of various safety equipment.
  5. Have team spirit and be able to cooperate with team members to complete various tasks.
  6. Have basic computer operation and maintenance skills, and be able to use relevant software and tools to manage and maintain laser cutting machines.
laser cutter safety
laser cutter safety

Laser operator job requirements description:

Operate the laser cutting machine.

The laser cutting machine is a high-precision machine. Laser cutting machine operators need to master the basic operating methods, understand the working principles and characteristics of the machine, and be able to perform various operations on the machine.

Responsible for the installation, debugging, disassembly, maintenance and management of fixtures and molds on laser equipment;

Responsible for debugging cutting and processing technology.

Laser cutting machine operators need to be familiar with the basic knowledge of cutting and processing, and debug the process according to customer requirements to ensure the quality and efficiency of processing.

Machine maintenance and upkeep.

The laser cutting machine is a high-end machine that requires frequent maintenance and repairs. Operators need to check and repair the machine regularly to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Strictly observe safety regulations.

The laser cutting machine is a high-risk machine, and operators need to abide by strict safety regulations to avoid safety accidents.

What is the salary of laser cutting machine operator?

The average monthly salary of a laser cutting operator in China is 7,147 yuan, with a median salary of 7,205 yuan, of which 8k-10k wages account for the largest proportion, about 40%.

cnc laser operator
cnc laser operator

Operator use of laser cutter safety precautions

The harm caused by laser cutting machines to the human body mainly includes eye damage, skin burns, respiratory tract damage, thermal damage and noise pollution, etc.

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