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What Is A Bevel Cut In Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of the laser cutting market, bevel cut in fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular, mainly in some thick steel plate cutting industries. Chamfering is a necessary task before welding, but the chamfering of parts requires welding. The seam thickness is completely welded, the quality and accuracy of the bevel cutting are very important to the quality of the product.

This article will give you a detailed description of “what is a bevel cutting in fiber laser cutting machine“,“what does beveled mean”, I hope it will be helpful to you, continue to read below.

What is a bevel cut definition

Laser bevel cutting achieves metal bevel cutting by adjusting the angle between the laser beam and the original surface to be less than 90°. In addition, cutting bevels on a laser cutting machine will have better results in some special occasions.

bevel cutting machine
bevel cutting machine

Types of Bevel Cuts laser cutting machine

Depending on the cutting material, bevel cutting includes bevel cutting of pipes and bevel cutting of flat plates.

Pipe bevel laser cutting

The traditional process uses flame or plasma technology to continuously change the groove cutting according to the saddle-shaped intersecting line; most factories first cut the pipe and then polish the groove by hand.

With manual cutting and polishing methods, it is difficult to guarantee the cutting quality. The efficiency is low, and more bevel welding allowance needs to be reserved, resulting in serious material waste during bevel cutting.

Flat bevel laser cutting

In flat plate bevel cutting, only V-shaped bevels can be cut continuously. Nesting cutting of parts with bevels can be completed at one time, as well as continuous cutting of multiple cutting surfaces with different V-shaped angle bevels. The most complex ones include V, X, Y, and K-shaped grooves, which require two or even three cuts.

Bevel types 

Due to different material thickness and welding quality requirements, the welding joint forms and groove shapes are also different. Generally, they can be divided into K-type, V-type, Y-type, U-type, X-type and other grooves.

laser bevel cutting
laser bevel cutting

How to make bevel cuts on laser cutters

When performing bevel cutting in laser cutting, the laser cutter head needs to be rotated at a specific angle to achieve the bevel of the cutting surface. Generally, in digital control mode, through numerical input, the rotation angle of the laser cutter head can be precisely controlled to meet different cutting needs.

What are bevel cuts used for on laser cutting steel

Laser cutting machine bevel cutting is a processing method that cuts metal materials into a bevel shape with an incline or bevel. The bevel laser cutting machine can cut 1°-45°, and can form bevels in one go. It can complete the bevel processing that is completed in multiple processes such as traditional cutting and milling at one time, greatly improving efficiency and saving resources.

Advantages of laser cutting bevels

Compared with traditional mechanical cutting methods, laser cutting has very significant advantages.

  • Laser cutting can create very narrow cutting gaps on the surface of the material, thereby maximizing the remaining strength of the material.
  • Laser cutting can greatly reduce burrs and chip breakage caused by mechanical cutting and ensure the smoothness of the cutting surface.
  • The cutting speed of laser cutting is very fast and can complete high-precision cutting tasks in a very short time.
petrochemical and nuclear power industries
petrochemical and nuclear power industries

Application scope of laser bevel cutting

Laser bevel cutting process is suitable for metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc. It is also suitable for various non-metallic materials, such as ceramics, glass, resin, plastic, etc. The angle and precision of bevel cutting vary depending on the material. The generally used angle is 4-5 degrees, which can achieve an accuracy of ±1 degree.

  • Beveling before welding
  • Steel structure processing: steel bridge, steel structure building, steel beam, etc
  • Pipeline Manufacturing
  • Beveling before solution surfacing
  • Automobile manufacturing: body panels, suspension system components, etc.
  • Shipbuilding: used to cut the groove of the hull plate to realize the connection of the hull plate and the groove sealing of the joint structure.

In the process of miter cutting, the tilt of the laser beam can easily lead to the problem of uneven intensity of the laser beam, which affects the cutting effect. Therefore, the laser beam compensation is required for miter cutting to ensure the quality of the cutting surface.

what is bevel cut
what is bevel cut

How to make sure for a bevel cut accuracy

Align and secure: Metal pipes are securely positioned and aligned before cutting begins.

Choose the right cutting parameters: adjust laser power, cutting speed and focus to get the desired bevel and edge quality.

Features Advanced Laser Cutting Software: Program your tube laser cutter with precise dimensions and bevel angles for consistent and precise cuts.

Real-time monitoring: Monitor the cutting process to detect any deviations or errors and make necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

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