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What is the Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Price

There are many metal pipe laser cutting machines for sale in the industrial market, and there are many supplier factories. For a while, it is difficult for many primary users to choose, especially the pipe laser cutting machine models 1kw 1.5kw 2kw 3kw 6kw are also many. It is more difficult to buy affordable pipe laser cutting machine prices.

Pipe laser cutting machine suppliers offer higher prices than the factory, the general price is about $2000 – $150,000, depending on the material of the pipe you cut and the power required.

laser pipe cutting machine
laser pipe cutting machine

Factors affecting laser pipe cutting machine price


Product quality affects the price of fiber laser pipe cutting machine. High-quality accessories, lasers, road systems, automatic control systems, etc. are used. The cost of these parts has a great impact on the equipment quotation.

Functional equipment

cnc laser pipe cutting machine cutting speed, parallelism, precision control, etc. Compared with higher-priced machines, equipment quotations are generally very high for some high-standard and strict production needs, such as fast laser cutting, laser cutting of large and medium-sized pipe fittings, etc.


One machine for mass production is actually more expensive than another. For example, services such as automatic loading and feeding systems, automatic replacement of laser heads, etc. These accessories enable the equipment to have greater efficiency and production capacity, thus increasing its price.

laser cut tube
laser cut tube


The brand is also a factor that affects the price. Famous brand laser pipe cutting machines are generally more expensive than others with the same equipment.

Market demand

The cost of laser pipe cutting machine is also affected by market supply and demand. When market demand is too great, equipment quotations will generally rise; conversely, prices will generally fall.

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