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How Does Laser Cutting Machine Start

When the fiber laser cutting machine uses optical and electronic equipment, the internal and external temperature requirements will be higher. The internal condensation of the fiber laser has a lot to do with the poor operating habits of the operators who use the fiber laser. In order to reduce the failure rate of the fiber laser and reduce the loss caused by the customer’s fiber laser shutdown, please pay attention to the following matters when operating and using the fiber laser:

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The switching sequence of the fiber laser (Strictly switching in accordance with the switching sequence can reduce the risk of condensation inside the fiber laser, thereby reducing the failure of the laser!

1. Start-up sequence of fiber laser machine

(1) Turn on the main power switch of the laser and let the case air conditioner or desuperheater run for more than 30 minutes.

(2) After turning on the laser for 30 minutes, turn on the power switch of the cooler.

2. The sequence of fiber laser shutdown

  • (1) Turn off the power switch of the chiller
  • (2) Turn off the laser power switch

If the pause time exceeds 1 hour during the customer’s startup, it is recommended that the customer turn off the high voltage of the fiber laser, leave the power switch of the fiber laser, and then turn off the cooler. When the product needs to be cut again, turn on the cooler, wait for the actual temperature of the high and low temperature water in the cooler to reach the set temperature ±1°C, then turn on the high pressure of the fiber laser, and then turn on the light cutting.

Note: Turning off the power switch of the fiber laser will not happen, but the cooler is still running!

3. Environmental requirements for fiber lasers:

  • Set up an air-conditioned room for the laser to improve the external working environment of the laser and make the laser work in a dry, constant temperature environment.
  • It is recommended that customers buy a thermometer and hygrometer and place it in a fiber laser air-conditioned room to monitor the temperature and humidity in the air-conditioned room.
  • Adjust the temperature of the cooler according to the ambient temperature. Set the high temperature to 28 32°C and the low temperature to 23 27°C.

In summer, it is recommended to set the high temperature water in the water tank to 30 to 32 degrees and the low temperature water to 25 to 27 degrees to prevent laser condensation.

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In addition, there will be more thunderstorms in summer. In order to ensure the normal use of the machine, it is recommended to cut off all power sources of the laser cutting machine when thunder occurs, and then turn it on again after the thunder and lightning. Lightning damage is not covered by the warranty.

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