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Where to Buy Hand Held Laser Rust Remover:Your Comprehensive Guide

Many friends in the industrial market consulted our hand held laser rust remover, including the power of the machine, parameters, frequency of use, strength of cleaning and rust removal, etc. Are you considering buying laser rust remover, This article tells you where to buy a laser cleaner rust removal tool and how to use it, I hope it will be helpful to you.

metal derusting laser cleaning
metal derusting laser cleaning

Hand held laser rust remover

Laser rust removal tools use the heat generated by laser to quickly evaporate oxides, paint, and rust on the metal surface to achieve a cleaning effect. So as to achieve the effect of rust removal.

How does hand held laser rust remover work

How much does a hand held laser rust remover cost

There are many laser rust removal machines for sale in factories on the market.Depending on the selected laser brand and power, the laser rust removal gun is different, and the price varies greatly. Generally, the price of hand held laser rust remover is $6000-$70000.

fiber laser cleaning machine
fiber laser cleaning machine

Where to buy hand held laser rust remover

Laser rust removal machine manufacturers buy

Different laser rust removal factories provide different product models, power and configurations, so you can ask the manufacturer to provide you with product training, parts use, after-sales services, product description applicable support.

Industrial equipment supplier

The supplier serves a variety of machinery industries and businesses. They have a strong resource of laser descaling machines. Can offer you a price discount.

E-commerce platform

Platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba host numerous sellers offering laser descaling machines. Various brands and prices can be found. But you need to check the customer’s comments on laser rust removal machine, the local laser rust removal machine dealer can directly deliver the product to your door and provide technical support.

laser paint removal
laser paint removal

Laser rust remover dealer

Contact local dealers, watch their laser derusting process at the exhibition, consult them on site, and watch the actual operation process of the machine.

In short, you can buy laser descaling machines in the above 4 places. The best choice depends on your budget, cleaning needs, power and after-sales service required, etc. Before buying, it is more conducive to saving costs for you to compare with many.

How to make hand held laser rust remover

The components of the laser cleaning machine: fiber laser, rust removal laser gun, cleaning system

laser rust remover gun
laser rust remover gun


Mold cleaning. Laser can quickly clean the surface of the mold to ensure accuracy, high efficiency and no pollution, especially for precision instruments

In the electronics industry, these machines are used to clean delicate components, such as circuit boards, without damaging them.

Rail cleaning. Grinding wheels and abrasive belts are used to clean the rails before welding, which seriously damages the base material, has relatively large residues, high cost and serious pollution. The handheld laser rust remover is an environmentally friendly device, so it can easily solve the above problems.

Aviation sector. The traditional method of aircraft surface cleaning is: chemical soaking or wiping, which will produce a lot of chemical waste. It can only be cleaned locally, not on a large area, and it is also harmful to the human body. But the laser rust removal tool is efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

Ship field. Sandblasting is no longer suitable due to serious pollution.

Military field. Laser cleaning machine for rust removal can quickly remove rust and effectively clean local areas, so it has a wide range of uses.

rubber mold cleaning
rubber mold cleaning

Which hand held laser rust remover is best

This depends on the cleaning material and power. At present, there are pulse laser cleaning machines on the market: 100-500w, and handheld laser cleaning machines 1000w-3000w.

How much does it cost to remove rust from car

About $150. If you want to repair it, the auto repair shop will give you a sander to remove the rust. Then find a piece of iron and weld it on. Sand smooth and putty. Wait for the putty to dry and sand it flat, then spray paint.

laser removal of paint from metal surfaces
laser removal of paint from metal surfaces

FAQ about laser rust removal

Does rust removal laser work on aluminum

Laser cleaning machines can achieve non-destructive and efficient cleaning to a certain extent.

Will laser rust remove paint

Yes, a laser descaler can also remove paint, but it’s a bit different than rust removal Use the correct power setting to avoid damaging the underlying material

Do you have maintenance service?

Yes, our laser rust removal machine is guaranteed for 1 year, if there is any quality problem within 1 year, you can consult our technicians at any time.


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