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6 Advantages of Laser Cutting Metal Pipe

The rapid development of intelligent manufacturing has led to the rapid rise of the industrial market. Laser cutting machines have replaced traditional metal cutting technology.Now the market for tube cutting is also rapidly rising. With its powerful functions, laser cut pipes have successfully emerged in the market, And gradually replace the traditional cutting technology.

This article mainly talks about the laser cutter advantages of metal pipe laser cutting machine, hoping to help you choose the appropriate tube laser cutting equipment.

Metal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine video

Suitable for various materials and thicknesses:

The tube laser cutting machine has the ability to easily cut various materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper, brass, bronze, titanium and other metal tubes, and the thickness range that can be cut is from 0.5mm to 10mm or more.

metal tube laser cutting machine
metal tube laser cutting machine

What is the tube laser cutting accuracy?

Cutting accuracy: The cutting accuracy of laser pipe cutting machines is usually between 0.1-0.5 mm, which can meet the requirements of high-precision cutting.

What are the advantages of a laser cutter tube machine?

Tube laser cutting machine can bring a lot of convenience.

Precise repeatability:

The multi-dimensional laser cutter for metal pipe can simply and accurately process products repeatedly, which is very important in the case of mass production.

Improve edge quality:

Compared with the traditional method, the laser pipe cutting machine can provide a very smooth cutting end face. Because the process is non-contact nature, it will not cause tool wear, nor will it directly exert mechanical force on the part, thereby preventing material deformation or workpiece contamination. The heat affected zone (HAZ) is also reduced.

dowell tube laser cutting machine
dowell tube laser cutting machine

Easy to maintain:

The fragile and consumable parts of the metal laser pipe cutting machine are relatively cheap, such as the nozzle and lens, which makes its maintenance cost lower.

Shorten delivery time:

The pipe laser cutting can cut almost any size, type and shape of metal material pipes, so the delivery time provided is very short, which is somewhat difficult for the traditional pipe cutting machine.

Accurate result:

The tube laser cutting machine is completely controlled by computer automatically, avoiding the interference of human factors, so the accuracy of the production results can be achieved.


Compared with traditional cutting machines, laser pipe cutting machines are faster and more efficient, which greatly saves costs and enhances the company’s market competitiveness.

tube cutting service
tube cutting service

Benefits of laser cutting

Multifunctional: The laser pipe cutting machine can cut different materials by adjusting the parameters of the laser beam, including metal and non-metal materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, brass, plastic, etc. At the same time, it can also achieve a variety of cutting shapes, such as straight lines, curves, circles, etc., to meet diverse cutting needs.

Flexibility: The laser pipe cutting machine adopts a non-contact cutting method, which will not cause physical damage to the workpiece, and avoids problems such as deformation and indentation that may be caused by traditional cutting methods. In addition, it can perform customized cutting by adjusting the focus and position of the laser beam, flexibly adapting to workpieces of different shapes and sizes.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The laser pipe cutting machine uses fiber laser as the cutting tool, which has the characteristics of high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional cutting methods, it can save energy consumption. At the same time, there is no need to use chemical solvents or coolants during the laser cutting process, reducing environmental pollution.

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