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How to Remove Rust from Painted Metal

“How to remove rust from painted metal” is a problem that many business owners are more concerned about, because this is a serious loss of metal sheets and affects work efficiency.

laser rust remover machine
laser rust remover machine

Remove rust from painted metal

Many times in order to extend the life of metal, surface coating treatment will be carried out on the surface, such as anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation, etc.

Rust remover painted metal is an important part before spraying, the purpose is to remove the metal surface Rust layer, scaling, oil stains, oxide skin and other substances, in order to increase the bonding strength of the coating and the metal surface, it is important to improve the protective performance of the coating and prolong the service life of the metal substrate.

How to get rust off painted metal

The rust remover painted metal methods used in the market mainly include manual rust removal, power tool rust removal, dry sandblasting rust removal, shot blasting rust removal, chemical cleaning (pickling), high pressure water jet rust removal technology, etc.

Laser rust removal

The new rust removal technology that is relatively environmentally friendly in the industrial market uses the heat generated by the laser to non-contact the substrate and cause no loss.

laser rust removal
laser rust removal

Manual rust removal

Using emery cloth, hammers, shovels, scrapers, wire brushes and other tools to remove rust is simple and convenient, but it is labor-intensive, has poor rust removal quality and is low in efficiency.

Power tool rust removal

Use power tools or tools driven by compressed air, electric grinders, pneumatic grinders and other tools to drive grinding wheels, sandpaper discs, wire discs, etc. Power tools can generally remove all loose scale, rust, old paint film and other harmful substances

The firmly attached oxide scale, rust and old paint film on the steel surface cannot be removed, which easily produces a large amount of dust, which is not conducive to environmental protection and the health of workers.

Dry sandblasting and rust removal

The compressed air that has been separated from oil and water is used to bring the abrasives into the steel surface at high speed through the nozzle. The impact and friction of the abrasives remove the iron oxide scale and so on, so that the surface obtains a certain roughness. The rust removal effect is good, but the cost is higher.

The dry sandblasting process produces a large amount of sand, rust and harmful dust, which seriously pollutes the environment and causes great harm to the human body.

Shot blasting and rust removal

Centrifugal force is used to use a high-speed rotating impeller to throw out abrasives for surface cleaning. A mixture of steel shot and steel sand is often used as the cleaning abrasive.

It has high automation and is suitable for assembly line production. It is not suitable for large and special-shaped workpieces. The cost of rust removal is also high.

Chemical cleaning (acid cleaning)

Chemical rust removal (pickling) uses the acid in the pickling

The rust removal quality is better than manual and power tool rust removal, and is equivalent to the quality of sandblasting rust removal, but it does not have the roughness of sandblasting rust removal. If not operated properly, chemical solvents will corrode the metal surface, and chemical rust removal requires cleaning. The wastewater needs to be treated separately, and the cleaning cost is high, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

High pressure water rust removal technology

New type of physical rust removal technology, high-pressure water generates energy for cleaning and rust removal. Suitable for industry, efficient and pollution-free. No need for secondary cleaning.

1) High-pressure pure water rust removal

The high-pressure generating device increases ordinary water to high pressure and sprays it out quickly through the nozzle. The water jet forms a highly concentrated energy, impacting and grinding the cleaned metal surface like a water arrow. The rust layer, scale, etc. are mostly distributed in a layered or porous manner.

Once the scale layer is penetrated, the ultra-high-pressure water jet is wedge-shaped and inserted between the scale layer and the metal surface, which can remove the oxide scale, old coating, etc. on the surface of the workpiece. Also includes very hard corrosion products.

2) High-pressure water sandblasting and rust removal

The high-pressure water generated by the high-pressure water jet generating device is sprayed from the sandblasting head through the high-pressure pipeline, and generates negative pressure in the sandblasting chamber. The spare sand is transported in the sand tank through the spiral sander, flows into the sandbox, and passes through the sand blasting chamber.

Sand pipe, the sand in the sand pipe moves to the sandblasting chamber due to the pressure difference, and mixes with the high-pressure water jet in the sandblasting chamber, thereby accelerating the movement and rapidly ejecting and hitting the metal surface, causing certain cutting and grinding of the metal surface. The grinding effect makes the non-body dirt, grease, floating rust, oxide scale, etc. on the metal surface instantly fall off, so that the metal surface reveals the metallic luster and achieves the required surface effect.

Compared with high-pressure pure water treatment, high-pressure water sandblasting has the characteristics of lower pressure (generally around 30MPa~50MPa), smaller relative power, high processing efficiency, and cost saving.

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