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How to Use Laser Rust Removal Metal

Industrial laser rust removal is favored by the majority of business owners in the manufacturing of industrial equipment, because it can easily remove stains such as rust, oxides, and paint attached to the metal surface.

To learn more about laser rust removal, continue reading this article.

dowell laser cleaning factory
dowell laser cleaning factory

What is laser rust removal machine

Laser rust removal machine is a high-tech laser equipment that uses the light source generated by the laser to remove stains attached to the metal surface. It is usually also called laser ablation rust removal, laser for rust removal, laser cleaning machine, laser rust removal tool.

There are 2 types of laser rust removal machines on the market:

industrial laser rust removal
industrial laser rust removal

9 Steps to use laser rust removal machine

  1. Take out the laser rust removal gun, and remove the lens dust cover in front of the gun, make sure the button on the handle is released
  2. Turn on the power, turn on the switch of the equipment, and start the chiller. The temperature reached 22 degrees Celsius.
  3. Turn on the key switch on the device, press the “Start” button, the system will be powered on and initialized.
  4. Start the system, turn on the laser key switch, and set the rust removal laser parameters on the touch screen interface
  5. After setting the parameters, press the laser rust removal gun handle button
  6. Take good protection, wear protective glasses, aim the laser rust removal gun at the critical parts that need to be cleared, press the orange button, and the gun head will emit light for rust removal and cleaning (do not point the gun head at the place where there are people, pay attention to protection Safety)
  7. After rust removal and cleaning, turn off the enable button of the laser cleaning screen, cover the dust cover of the field mirror, turn off the key switch on the laser, and pop up the “Start” button
  8. Turn off the equipment key switch, turn off the main power switch
  9. Put the cleaning gun head back into the host box and cut off the main power supply.
rust removal with laser
rust removal with laser

Will laser rust remover damage the metal surface?

NO. The laser rust remover does not touch the surface of the metal sheet, and the metal reflects the laser to a certain extent, so it will not damage the parts.

Can you use a rust removing laser to remove rust from metal?

Yes, because lazer rust remover is easy to operate and easy to use. For industrial production, it can improve work efficiency and save labor. Why not choose such an affordable and easy-to-use laser to clean rust? If you want to find an inexpensive laser For rust removal machine prices, you can consult Dowell laser rust remover manufacturers.

metal derusting laser cleaning
metal derusting laser cleaning

How do you seal metal after rust removal?

1.Control the air humidity in the workplace

Improve the storage place of the workpiece, keep the environment dry, and ensure that the relative humidity is below the critical humidity. Generally, the relative humidity should be controlled at about 70%.

For example, air conditioners or fans are installed in precision processing workshops or assembly workshops to control the temperature and humidity of the workshops in an appropriate range. Manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse well, keep abreast of weather changes, avoid typhoons and rainstorms, and place desiccants can also play a role in reducing tides.

2.Apply anti-rust oil on the metal surface

Use professional anti-rust agent, iron and steel alloy, especially cast iron, if stored for more than 8 hours, or aluminum and aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy for more than one week, whether it is storage or waiting between processes or turnover, it should be treated with suitable anti-rust oil Anti-rust treatment.

Anti-rust on the surface and interior of mechanical equipment is equally important. Regularly purify the oil tank and pipeline, and use appropriate anti-rust oil.

3.Sealing and packaging

Pack it in moisture-proof paper or plastic bag, and put it in a desiccant to prevent moisture

4.Cleaning and inspection

Regular cleaning of equipment and equipment, workshops and warehouses should not be too humid.
Carry out daily, regular and irregular inspections, and the moisture-proof measures are fully in place from the inside to the outside.

mold cleaning
mold cleaning

What are the best options for buying a handheld laser rust remover?

In the industrial field, as the number of laser metal cleaners continues to increase, there will be many questions about laser metal cleaners. How to choose a cleaning machine suitable for us in industrial operations is very knowledgeable, and it is also a problem that plagues many companies. Below we will share with you Let’s take a look at this question together.

1.choose to use safe rust removal with laser;

When an enterprise chooses rust removal with laser and cleaning methods, the first thing to consider is the safety performance of the equipment and cleaning process.

2.Choose an efficient cleaning machine;

Whether the operation of rust removal with laser is simple, whether it is time-saving and convenient to use, etc.

handheld laser rust remover
handheld laser rust remover

3.Factory site visit

Go to laser cleaning machine manufacturers to see if it is a real manufacturer, check the company’s production capacity, whether the certificates and qualifications are complete, and whether the after-sales service is perfect.

4.Laser cleaning for rust removal price

Find out whether the price of laser cleaning for rust removal is reasonable, how much it differs from the rust removal machine counterparts on the market, and make a comparison because of the different configurations. This is a better way for you to find the right price of clean rust with laser.

If you want to know more about laser rust removal, you can check out more of our articles, hoping to help you.

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