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Understanding Laser Cleaning Cost per Hour

Laser cleaning technology is an efficient and environmentally friendly new cleaning method, which is favored by business owners in the industrial manufacturing field. For most companies, laser cleaning cost per hour is a concern for many companies. This article discusses how to choose the optimal cost to achieve the best results.

laser cleaning service
laser cleaning service

6 Factors that affect laser cleaning cost per hour

Material surface

Different materials have different absorption capabilities for laser energy, and some will reflect or scatter.

Laser type and power

The efficiency of laser cleaning is related to the power. The higher the laser power, the stronger the energy it provides, which can remove surface dirt more quickly and efficiently.

Laser wavelength

Different wavelengths have different effects on cleaning different types of dirt. Infrared lasers are suitable for cleaning organic materials, while UV lasers remove certain inorganic materials.

Thickness of contaminants

Some dirt is easier to remove with lasers, while others require higher power and wavelength to clean. Cleaning times vary.

Cleaning area range

Laser cleaning requires different parameters to be set. The areas to be cleaned are different. The set parameters and cleaning time are also different.


Reducing downtime during use can effectively reduce usage costs.

laser cleaning

How to Calculate Hourly Laser Cleaning Cost

  • Laser power consumption
  • Labor costs: technical training, safety protection measures.
  • Cost of raw materials: Different cleaning materials also have an impact on the total cost consumption.

How to choose the right laser cleaning service

Identify your needs:

Determine your own cleaning product needs, surface type of cleaning material, range of contaminants, and more.

Learn about laser cleaning service providers

Search for information about laser cleaning, view relevant industry directories, or visit a local service provider to demonstrate the cleaning process on-site.

Assess supplier capabilities

Cleantech and expertise of suppliers.

Equipment security:

Confirm that the equipment is safe during use and whether there is professional technical training.

Supplier’s cooperative customer reference:

Refer to previous customers about the performance and quality of work of the equipment they use.

Get a quote:

Get quotes from multiple laser cleaning service providers, compare costs, configurations, after-sales services, shipping cycles, and more.

laser derusting
laser derusting


What is the average cost per hour for laser cleaning?

Different laser derusting and cleaning machine suppliers provide different configurations, different power levels, and different prices. Generally, the price is 2.5 US dollars per hour. For specific information, please refer to the service provider for accurate prices.

Can laser cleaning save money in the long run?

Yes, compared to traditional methods, laser cleaning is faster and more efficient, reducing working hours and labor costs, saving costs for enterprises.

Is laser cleaning and rust removal safe?

It is generally safe. Operators must strictly follow the operation manual before operation. After receiving professional training, they must wear laser goggles and protective masks during operation to ensure safety.

Is laser cleaning good for the environment?

Non-contact and pollution-free, it is a green and environmentally friendly equipment.

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