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How Much does A Laser Cleaning Machine Cost

The rapid development of science and technology is most obvious in the industrial market. Laser cleaning technology can accurately remove impurities on the surface of the substrate in the case of non-contact and zero pollution, so it is favored by people, but for “How much does a Laser Cleaner” People have a lot of concerns about cost.

dowell laser cleaning factory
dowell laser cleaning factory

Laser cleaner price factor:

The cost of the laser has a great influence on the cleaning laser cost. The cost of the laser mainly depends on the power, the material of the plate, the application field, the manufacturer’s brand, etc.

Power size:

The low-power pulse portable laser cleaning machine price is between USD 10,000-15,000, and the high-power continuous 500w laser cleaner price is around USD 8,000-10,000.

laser cleaner hand held part
laser cleaner hand held part

Application scenario:

The application scenario of the laser cleaning machine also has a great influence on the cleaning laser cost. Compared with the more complicated laser cleaning machine, the price is higher than the general laser cleaning machine.

Manufacturer’s brand:

Factories with many years of manufacturing experience can provide you with good quality and perfect after-sales service, so the laser cleaning price is relatively higher.

Long term value:

The initial cleaning laser cost is relatively high, but after long-term consideration, it is relatively reasonable. Compared with traditional laser cleaning, no chemical reagents are used, which can reduce the generation of pollutants, save maintenance costs and labor, and save capital costs for you.

Power consumption:

A 1000w laser cleaning machine runs for 10 hours a day and consumes 10kw of electricity. On average, the daily cost is about 1-2 dollars. The power operation cost is relatively low.

When considering the cleaning laser cost, the cost of safety protection and employee training also has a certain impact on the cleaning laser price, which also needs to be taken into consideration.

dowell laser cleaning machine
dowell laser cleaning machine


If you want to buy cheapest laser cleaning machine you need to consider long-term value, ease of use and environmental impact. On the whole, the laser cleaner price is quite reasonable for many industrial manufacturers. If you want to know the specific price, you can consult the laser cleaner supplier for the price and model.

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