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How Much does A Cheapest Laser Cleaning Machine Cost

The rapid development of science and technology is most obvious in the industrial market. Laser cleaning technology can accurately remove impurities on the surface of the substrate in the case of non-contact and zero pollution, so it is favored by people, but for ” how much does a laser cleaner cost” People have a lot of concerns about cost.

If you want to buy the cheapest laser cleaning machine, then this article is worth reading.

Handheld Laser Cleaner Price Factor:

The laser cleaner cost has a great influence on the cleaning laser cost. The cost of the laser mainly depends on the power, the material of the plate, the application field, the manufacturer’s brand, etc.

Laser cleaning tools Type:

At present, the types of laser cleaners on the market are divided into pulsed laser cleaning equipment and continuous laser cleaning equipment according to the type of laser.

Power size:

The low power pulse portable handheld laser cleaning machine price is between USD 10,000-15,000, and the high-power continuous 500w laser cleaner price is around USD 8,000-10,000.

How Much Does a Laser Cleaning Machine Cost

Continuous hand held laser cleaning machine price:

  • 1000w laser cleaner price $3099.65
  • 3 in 1 1500w laser cleaner price $3212.36
  • 1500w laser metal cleaning machine price $4649.47
  • 2000w handheld laser cleaner price $4649.47
  • 3000w laser cleaner price $6621.97
  • Some high power handheld cleaning lasers price $100,000 or more.

Pulse hand-held laser cleaning machine price:

  • 100w laser cleaning machine price $5072.15
  • 200w laser cleaning machine price $6903.76$7044.65
  • 300w laser cleaning machine price $10285.19$10989.65
  • 500w laser cleaning machine price $22542.88
dowell laser cleaning factory
dowell laser cleaning factory

You can compare the laser cleaning machine price on Amazon, and then watch the comments of the laser cleaning machine to compare the quality and reputation of the merchant to see if it is worth purchasing.

You can also go to Alibaba to compare laser cleaning machines for sale. After all, there are many laser cleaning machine manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters above, and you can fully understand the quality of laser cleaning machines.

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laser cleaner hand held part
laser cleaner hand held part

Application scenario:

The application scenario of the handheld laser cleaning machine also has a great influence on the cleaning laser cost. Compared with the more complicated laser cleaner, the price is higher than the general laser cleaning machine.

Manufacturer’s brand:

Factories with many years of manufacturing experience can provide you with good quality and perfect after-sales service, so the laser cleaning price is relatively higher.

Long term value:

The initial cleaning laser cost is relatively high, but after long-term consideration, it is relatively reasonable. Compared with traditional laser cleaning, no chemical reagents are used, which can reduce the generation of pollutants, save maintenance costs and labor, and save capital costs for you.

Power consumption:

A 1000w laser cleaning machine runs for 10 hours a day and consumes 10kw of electricity. On average, the daily cost is about 1-2 dollars. The power operation cost is relatively low.

When considering the laser cleaning price, the cost of safety protection and employee training also has a certain impact on the cleaning laser price, which also needs to be taken into consideration.

dowell laser cleaning machine
dowell laser cleaning machine

Why is the handheld cleaning laser price expensive?

Many people will think: “This industrial laser cleaner price is too high!” Yes. But you have to think about what you’re getting for your money.
Industrial laser cleaning system can provide you with efficient cleaning, saving your time and cost, the most important thing is no pollution, zero contact, and environmental protection. So overall, laser cleaning equipment is a very good long-term investment.

Is a Laser Cleaning Machine Worth the Investment?

Is industrial laser cleaning equipment worth the price? It depends on your needs.
Considering that your budget is sufficient, you can buy a brand-new laser cleaning machine. If the budget is limited, you can try the used laser cleaning machine. After all, it is not a long-term use. You can buy new equipment later, which is also a wise decision.
But one thing is certain:
The machine will continue to exist, and the future market demand will be greater because he is reshaping the future of sheet metal cleaning.


If you want to buy the cheapest laser cleaning machine you need to consider long-term value, ease of use, and environmental impact. On the whole, the laser cleaner price is quite reasonable for many industrial manufacturers. If you want to know the specific price, you can consult the laser cleaner supplier for the price and model.

lazer rust removal
lazer rust removal


Will laser rust removal damage metal surfaces?

No. Laser rust removal targets rust, leaving the underlying metal unharmed.

Does laser rust removal produce harmful gases?

Minimal fumes are possible. Proper ventilation is always recommended.

What are the safety precautions for laser rust removal machines?

Wear eye protection designed for laser wavelengths being used. Follow manufacturer guidelines.

How much does laser rust removal cost?

$6,800 for a handheld laser machine to remove rust. Laser rust cleaner price varies depending on size and power.

Will rust cleaning laser hurt the car?

No, laser rust removal is safe for car paint when used properly.

How to remove rust with laser?

A professional focuses a laser beam on the rust, vaporizing it without harming the metal.

What are the dangers of laser for rust removal?

Eye injury from laser light is the main hazard. Always wear proper eyewear.

Which is better, laser rust removal or sandblasting rust removal?

Laser is more precise and gentler on surfaces. Sandblasting can be faster for large areas but risks damaging the underlying material.

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