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What Is the Pulsed Laser Wood Cleaning Machine Price

Can I use laser wood cleaner(laser furniture stripper ) if the wood board is moldy? Which laser stripping machine for wood should I use? How is the cleaning effect? Will it burn during cleaning? Whether laser paint stripping machine wood can be used on moldy boards. Today we will take a look at how much does a laser wood cleaning machine price cost?

Since wood is flammable, be careful when choosing laser cleaner wood. We chose pulsed laser cleaning machines because the laser device emits a flat-top beam profile that has no wings but steeper edge transitions, resulting in more efficient energy use and less damage to the surrounding area.

laser paint stripping machine wood
laser paint stripping machine wood

How wood laser cleaning machine works

When a laser beam irradiates the surface of wood, dirt, coatings, etc. will absorb the laser in an instant and heat up and expand rapidly, forming a tiny bubble. As the bubbles form and expand, the internal pressure rises rapidly and finally explodes instantly, causing dirt and coating to be impacted away from the wood surface. This process is called “explosive evaporation”, and the impact and heat of the laser beam completely remove the dirt from the surface.

Pulsed Laser Wood Cleaning Machine Price

Laser wood cleaning machine price can be between $ 4466.22 – $30705.24 , according to the brand awareness, power size, equipment configuration, service, after-sales and so on for wood stain removal laser machine price is also affected.

laser wood stripping
laser wood stripping

Laser paint stripping machine wood for sale

pulse laser cleaning machine manufacturer (1)
pulse laser cleaning machine manufacturer
Laser Paint Removal from Wood ModelDW100wDW200wDW300w
Operating modePulse
Cable length5m
Average power>100W>200W>300W
Cooling method air cooling
voltageAC 110V/220VAC 220V±10%
Rated power consumption<450W<1000W<1400W
Anti-reflective protectionHave
Operating temperature0~35°C
Storage temperature-10~60°C
Handheld laser head0.62Kg

Advantages of laser wood stripping machine

Efficient and environmentally friendly:

No chemical solvents or cleaning agents are required. Just irradiation is needed to complete the cleaning process. No water or chemicals are needed, and there is no secondary pollution.

No damage:

Non-contact cleaning will not cause any physical damage to the wood surface, such as scratches, abrasions, etc., and maintains the original texture and luster of the wood.

High controllability:

The adjustable laser energy and cleaning speed can be precisely controlled according to the characteristics of the wood to adapt to different cleaning tasks.

Widely applicable:

Cleans many different types of coatings, including paints, glues, coatings, etc., and is suitable for various wood surfaces, such as solid wood, artificial boards, etc.

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Laser stripping machine for wood application

Lazer stripping wood is mainly used in furniture manufacturing industry, mold processing, aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, sewage treatment, rubber tires and petrochemical industry

Decontamination and cleaning of wood:

During the processing of wood, various dirt is often attached, such as dust, oil stains, glue, etc. The laser wood stripping machine can quickly clean away these dirt and purify the wood surface.

Coating removal:

The coating on the surface of wood will suffer from damage, aging and other problems after long-term use. Traditional removal methods often require the use of chemicals or mechanical grinding, which can easily cause wood damage. Laser paint stripping machine wood can completely remove the coating without causing any damage to the wood surface, maintaining the integrity and beauty of the wood itself.

Deep Cleaning and Restoration:

The laser paint removal tool for wood can penetrate deep into the wood surface, remove deep dirt and aging coatings, and restore the original color and texture of the wood. This is important for wood repair and maintenance, extending the life of the wood.

Anti-corrosion treatment:

In the process of wood processing and protection, it is often necessary to preservative treatment of wood.

Surface cleaning:

Laser to remove wood stain can remove tiny particles and pollutants on the wood surface, making the wood surface cleaner and smoother, providing a good foundation for subsequent coating construction, decoration and processing.

Personalized customization:

Laser wood cleaner laser beam can According to the needs, the cleaning area, cleaning depth and cleaning speed can be controlled to meet the personalized requirements of different customers.

Laser stripping machine for wood(laser furniture stripper ) can clean, rust removal, stripping, stain removal and other functions, if you want to know the specific laser wood cleaning machine price can consult us to get the latest pulse laser rust removal machine price.

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