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portable laser welding machine portable laser welding machine
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Portable laser welder (mini small laser welding machine) Based on the original handheld laser welding machine, the body is smaller and more portable, and can be placed on the car to realize mobile welding.

The small laser welding machine is lightweight, has a small footprint, saves space, improves work efficiency, and can be easily moved.

advantages of portable laser welders

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lightweld 1500 laser welding system with wire feeder

The welding efficiency is high, the speed is fast, the welds are beautiful, it can significantly increase the welding speed, and it is easier to master and operate.

Air-cooled laser welding machine

The welding quality has been significantly improved. The weld bead of laser handheld welding is more beautiful, saves polishing time, has high efficiency, and has a better appearance than argon arc welding.


how much is portable fiber laser welding machine price

The portable laser welding machine price is different from the power, thickness and brand awareness of the welding plate, and the price also has an impact. The general price is $5000-$10000.

If you want to know more about the price of laser welding machine, you can consult the welding machine manufacturer

welding effect

Metal: portable handheld laser welder is generally used to weld various metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, brass, aluminum and other metal plates.

Alloys: Laser welding can weld different alloy products as well as metal combination products.

Plastic and glass: Some laser welding equipment can weld products such as thermoplastic materials and glassware, especially in the field of optical components.

Ceramics: Ceramics can be welded, making them ideal for applications such as electronic component manufacturing or medical device manufacturing.


The portable laser welding machine is suitable for use in the industrial market. It can be equipped with a wire feeder. The welding effect is obvious, beautiful and strong. It is mostly used in kitchenware manufacturing, metal furniture, steel structures, elevator industry, aircraft manufacturing, ship industry, etc.

laser welder portable accessories

laser welder portable accessories

When we ship again, we will include some consumable accessories, including laser goggles, welding gun tips, wire feeding wires, power cords, nozzles, etc.

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The welding machine accessories used by dowell are all provided by well-known Chinese brands. We have long-term cooperation for many years, which can ensure fast delivery and ensure the most affordable price for you.

air cooled laser welder manufacturer

About DOWELL laser welder

DOWELL portable laser welding machine manufacturers

As one of the leading manufacturers of laser welding equipment, Dowell Laser can customize the production of 1000w-3000w laser welding equipment. We can come to the factory to inspect the equipment and provide free proofing services to ensure that our equipment can perfectly meet your requirements.

With Dowell Laser, you get more than welding products; you get a partner dedicated to delivering the best in laser welding technology. Trust Dowell Laser for precision, quality and unparalleled customer service.

FAQ About portable laser welding machine

Portable laser welders sold, power size in 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w, some manufacturers can also customize larger power.

The welding thickness capability of a laser welding machine is affected by many factors, including laser power, beam diameter, welding speed, weld shape, etc. Generally speaking, the maximum thickness that a laser welding machine can weld is about 10mm, but this value is not absolute, and many factors such as material characteristics and welding form need to be considered.

Argon, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen are generally used, because when using laser welding equipment for metal welding, auxiliary gases need to be used to protect the welding area and prevent oxidation and pollution. Different types of metals require different gases, and choosing the right gas is very important

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