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Application of laser cleaning of cultural relics

Metal cultural relics can be stored in the natural environment for hundreds or even thousands of years, and they contain rich value. They are witnesses to human history and civilization, and are of great significance. However, these cultural relics are also facing serious wind erosion and corruption. Laser cleaning technology can help you answer this question.

In this paper, the history and mechanism of laser cleaning technology, the corrosion mechanism of different metal cultural relics (copper cultural relics, iron cultural relics), etc. are comprehensively reviewed. Cultural relics, silver cultural relics, gold cultural relics), as well as the application results of laser cleaning metal cultural relics.

laser cleaning machine manufacturers
laser cleaning machine manufacturers

How laser cleaning on cultural relics works

In non-contact processing methods, high-energy continuous or pulsed laser beams act on the surface of contaminants, causing a series of photophysical reactions, such as vibration, fire melting, combustion, etc., which cause contaminants to fall off the substrate.

laser cleaning stone
Laser cleaning of cultural relics

Laser cleaning on cultural relics application

It can be applied to the cleaning of stone carvings, wood carvings, bronzes, gold and silverware, paintings, ceramics and other cultural relics. Since most of the heat is reflected when the laser is irradiated on the cleaned surface, the damage to the substrate is small.

In addition, portable handheld laser cleaning equipment is suitable for a variety of outdoor applications, enabling efficient and less damaging cleaning results.

Why choose Laser Cleaning of Cultural Relics

  1. High cleaning precision: the pulse laser cleaning machine can achieve precision that cannot be achieved by traditional methods, loosely remove oxides, paint traces, pollutants or coatings, and do not change the original appearance of the stone.
  2. No damage: Through laser cleaning, the integrity of the stone is preserved, and there is no side effect in the process.
  3. Pollution-free and environmentally friendly: green and clean, no chemical reagents are required. No secondary pollution
  4. Diversity: Laser cleaning can be used for various stone materials, such as granite, marble, limestone, etc. Meet the cleaning needs of various stone materials.

More and more stone repair personnel began to use laser cleaning stone for the first time, especially European-style buildings, statues, cathedrals and other historical monuments.

dowell laser cleaning machine
dowell laser cleaning machine

With the obvious advantages of laser cleaning of cultural relics, it is now necessary to rethink the method of replacing the traditional laser cleaning of cultural relics. Whether you are a stone repair worker or want to clean the stone in your home, you can consider using laser cleaning of cultural relics.

Ways to protect cultural relics and artworks

Mechanical and chemical methods are used, but with this method, it is difficult to control the process; mechanical methods may remove the material of the artwork itself, while chemical agents may penetrate into the artwork and destroy the pigment of the artwork.

Both methods can cause irreparable damage to the artwork.

Laser cleaning on bronze cultural relics case

In the world cultural heritage sites, laser cleaning technology has been applied to Xia, Shang and Zhou bronzes, ancient Greek statues, ancient sheepskin scrolls in BC, medieval art paintings, modern Ming and Qing furniture celadon, and shipwrecks on the Maritime Silk Road (silver ingots and copper coins, gun barrels, docks, porcelain fragments) and other protection scenes, not only allowing Chinese cultural treasures to reveal and protect their original beauty, but also saving a large number of Western art paintings and ancient scrolls.

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