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China Laser Cleaning Machine: A Comprehensive Guide


In industrial production, metal cleaning is an indispensable part of industrial production and manufacturing. Laser cleaning technology can improve work efficiency and save more labor time. This article will give you an in-depth discussion about china laser cleaning machine function, configuration, scope of application and price.

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What is fiber laser cleaning machine?

China laser cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment that is popular in the industrial market at present. It uses laser cleaning technology to clean the rust, oxide or paint traces on the metal surface.

The power of china laser cleaning machine

Fiber laser cleaning machine 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w produced by laser cleaning machine manufacturers on the market.

laser cleaning machine
laser cleaning machine

Types of handheld laser cleaning machine

  • Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Pulse laser cleaning machine
  • Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine

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Factors affecting the price of fiber laser cleaning machine

Industrial laser cleaning machine prices vary based on various factors such as:


There are many brands in the washing machine market, which have a great impact on the price. lazer cleaner price of a big brand will be higher than that of a lesser-known brand, but at the same time, the quality and after-sales service of a big brand are relatively guaranteed.


Different configurations also have a great impact on the configuration of the washing machine, especially the higher the power, the better the cleaning format and speed, and the higher the price.

After-sales service

The after-sales service provided by laser cleaning machine manufacturers is different. If the after-sales service takes longer, the price is relatively higher.

Washing machine accessories

Other accessories such as cleaning gun tips, laser parts cleaner, laser cleaning systems and curtains also add to the overall cost of the welder.

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Fiber laser cleaning machine price range

Fiber laser cleaning machine prices can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. On average, the handheld laser cleaning machine price ranges from $2,000 to $23,000.

Conclusion about the China fiber laser cleaning machine

In short, cleaning laser machine is a very practical metal cleaning and derusting equipment, which can be widely used in industrial production and manufacturing. Fiber laser cleaning machine has different functions due to different brands, different configurations, af ter-sales services, and accessories .

laser weld cleaning.
laser weld cleaning.


Can it be used 1500W fiber laser cleaning machine on sheet metal auto body, or would it warp the metal?

Answer: FOR auto body sheet, it’s too thin, need pulse type laser cleaning machine.

Is sand blasting faster and cheaper than laser cleaning machine?

Answer: NO. When you get a commercial blasting setup, add abrasives, clean up and dispose of potentially toxic materials, you’re going to be more expensive in the long run.

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