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Guide: How to Use Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover

Many customers have purchased Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover and are not very clear about how to install and use it. This blog will tell you how to install and use the Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover device.

Laser clearing (power grid remote foreign matter removal device) technology has now gradually spread to the power grid and road greening work. Faced with such high-tech equipment, power workers do not know how to operate it. Let’s take a look at how to use it.

fiber laser obstacle remover
fiber laser obstacle remover

Laser Obstacle Clearer Composition

Obstacle clearer body and portable mobile DC power supply.

Laser Obstacle Remover :

  • A gimbal, a tripod and a transmitter.
  • The outer box of the main body also includes a power start button, a power indicator light, a start indicator light, a laser safety alarm and an emergency stop button.

Portable Mobile Dc Power Supply:

An electronic screen is used to display information such as remaining power, output voltage, and whether there is a fault in real time.

laser tree cutting machine
laser tree cutting machine

How to Use Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover

1.Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover Installation

  1. Take out the tripod and set it up on the ground. Install the gimbal onto the tripod (make sure the bottom of the gimbal is aligned with the bracket slot) and lock it securely.
    Then plug the gimbal cable into the corresponding interface on the side of the main chassis
    Take out the transmitter, connect the transmitter to the gimbal (the bottom needs to be aligned with the gimbal slot), fix and lock it.
  2. Plug both ends of the power cable into the port on the portable DC power supply and the port on the theme outer box (both ends of the power cable are the same, there is no right or reverse)

2.Tree Cutting Laser Machine On-Site Operation

  • Use a tablet dedicated to the obstacle clearer to connect and log in to the laser obstacle clearer: open the setting options in the tablet and connect to the internal LAN WIFI of the laser obstacle clearer host.
  • Rangefinder distance measurement: Use a rangefinder to measure the distance between the obstacle clearance target and the equipment.
  • Aim at the target: Use the direction keys to move the launcher and aim at the obstacle clearance target, and magnify the lens 30 to 30 times.
  • Adjust parameters: Enter the “Distance” menu to select the distance corresponding to the target, and click “Execute” to confirm the parameters. Then open the “Power” menu, select the appropriate power, and click “OK”.
  • Start troubleshooting operations. Use the direction keys to move the laser point to clear the target. (A drone was used to confirm the surrounding safety before clearing the obstacle)

After completing the cleanup work, be sure to carefully check the surrounding environment to ensure that there are no fire hazards before leaving the site.

laser tree trimmer device
laser tree trimmer device

Specific Inspection Contents Include:

  • Are there any remaining flames or sparks?
  • Is there any flammable material that has been scorched by high temperature?
  • Are there other factors that may cause a fire?

Some Measures to Eliminate Fire Hazards:

Use water or a fire extinguisher to extinguish fire or sparks
Move flammable materials away from hot areas
Cover potential fire hazards with soil or sand

How to maintain Laser Obstacle Remover

  • Use powder-free rubber gloves, lint-free cleaning cloths, cotton swabs, pure ethanol, alcohol, compressed air and other cleaning tools.
  • Wipe the laser aiming head housing, platform, display, etc.
  • Please refer to product instructions for details.
dowell laser tree cutting
dowell laser tree cutting


Laser Obstacle Remover Litter Removal Cleaning Device Does Not Start

Check whether the emergency stop switch, key switch, platform base limit, platform and laser are in standby state.

No Display on the Remote Control Screen

Check the remote control switch, data cable, SD card, and remote control battery.

The Laser Does Not Emit and the Screen Displays “Abnormal Temperature”

  • The laser temperature is too high and automatically shuts down.
  • Shut down and restart after a few minutes.
  • Check whether the main cabinet cooling fan is blocked or not starting.

The Laser Does Not Emit, But the Power Display Is Normal

  • Check the laser light and power light.
  • The laser light is on and the power light is off, indicating that the laser is in overheating protection.
  • Shut down for a few minutes and then restart.

Platform Unresponsive

Check whether the device is turned on, whether the antenna is plugged in, whether the remote control switch is turned on, and whether the remote control battery is discharged.

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