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How Much Does Laser Tree Trimmer Cost?

As time goes by, the trees on both sides of the road have become more and more lush. At the same time, it has brought heavy pruning work to the road safety department. At this time, it is necessary to use laser tree trimmer to easily trim the branches and improve the work. Efficiency, the key is also green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

portable laser obstacle remover
portable laser obstacle remover

What is Laser Tree Trimmer?

Laser Tree Trimmer, also known as laser to cut tree branches, laser obstacle clearer, laser tree cutter,Portable laser obstacle cleaning instrument is mainly used to cut and remove obstacles in remote trees and power grids to perform live, non-contact work on power grids and trees.

Laser Tree Cutter Features:

  • Compact and lightweight,
  • Easy to carry and set up.
  • Precise laser focus
  • Focus range: 10-300 meters

Laser Operated Tree Trimming Benefit:

  • No flamethrower required, cost reduction, green and environmentally friendly
  • Not affected by climate, can complete outdoor work at high speed, improving work efficiency
  • Operator contactor without any risk, enhanced safety and reliability
  • Not limited by space, high flexibility

How Does the Laser Tree Cutter Work?

Laser Tree Pruning Equipment Application:

  • Railway construction and maintenance
  • Mountain exploration and development
  • Terrace Farming and Agriculture
  • Knock down posters, advertising cloths, beehives and other obstacles.
  • Other industrial and commercial applications

How Much Does Tree Trimming Laser Price Cost

DOWELL laser production of tree cutting laser machine price in $25,000 – $30,000, the specific but also according to the laser tree cutting machine power size, configuration and so on. Want to know the specific equipment price, you can consult the manufacturer, and get the latest product quotation.

handheld laser obstacle remove
handheld laser obstacle remove

Is Laser That Cuts Tree Branches Safe?

High powered lasers used to cut tree branches can be extremely dangerous for tree pruning. People nearby need to take safety precautions.

The laser tree cutting machine belongs to Class 4 laser products. It produces dangerous diffuse reflections that may cause personal injury or fire. Be very careful when using it. Please read the complete instructions and safety tips before using, installing, operating and maintaining this product to ensure safe and correct use.

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