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Laser Wood Cleaning Machine: A New Revolution:A New Revolution

Wood is a very common material in our daily life. It is especially widely used in construction, decoration, furniture and other fields. Long-term storage will accumulate dust, dirt, paint, coatings and other debris on the surface. Cleaning it up is relatively troublesome, labor-intensive and time-consuming.

This article will talk about the new laser technology, laser wood stain removal tool, which can easily remove debris on the surface of wood.

laser wood cleaning machine
laser wood cleaning machine

Traditional wood cleaning methods

Chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning and manual cleaning. These methods have certain limitations.

  • Chemical cleaning will corrode the wood and affect its
  • Mechanical cleaning can easily damage the wood surface;
  • Manual cleaning is inefficient and labor-intensive.

Laser wood cleaner

The laser wood cleaning machine is suitable for pulsed laser cleaning machine equipment. The high-energy-density laser beam generated by the mopa laser can quickly and effectively remove pollutants from the wood surface without damaging the wood itself, thus completely protecting the substrate. The appearance of laser cleaning machine for wood provides a new solution for wood cleaning.

Laser cleaning machine wood type

300w pulse laser cleaner 1
300w pulse laser cleaner for sale
laser cleaning field mirror 1
200w laser cleaner for wood

Advantages of laser cleaner for wood

Efficient cleaning: It can quickly and efficiently remove contaminants on the wood surface, and the cleaning efficiency is several times or even dozens of times that of traditional methods.
Non-damaging cleaning: It will not cause any damage to the wood surface and can maintain the original grain and grain of the wood.
Environmentally friendly and safe: no chemicals are used and no secondary pollution is produced. They are an environmentally friendly and safe choice.

Application of wood stain removal laser machine

Building wood products: Used to remove dust, dirt, paint, coating and other pollutants on the surface of building wooden structures, wooden doors, windows, and wooden floors.
Furniture wood products: Used to remove dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints and other contaminants on the surface of furniture.
Wood products: Used to remove dust, dirt, paint and other contaminants on the surface of wood carvings, wood engravings, wooden handicrafts and other products.

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