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Top 10 Handheld Laser Welding Machine UK

Want to buy handheld laser welding machine in UK, want to find the best laser welding machine manufacturer in UK? Buy the cheapest laser welding machine in the UK, then this article you have to read, maybe it will help you.

Top 10 Handheld Laser Welding Machine Brands in the UK

  • Trumpf
  • IPG Photonics
  • Amada
  • Coherent-Rofin
  • Bystronic
  • SPI Lasers
  • Jenoptik
  • Miyachi Unitek
  • Laserlines


Headquartered in Germany. A leading manufacturer known for its advanced technology and high-quality laser systems.

A world-renowned manufacturer of laser equipment, the company’s laser technology has always been a leader in the laser industry. Products such as laser welding machines, laser cutting machines, and laser cleaning machines are widely used in major industrial markets.

TRUMPF laser welding machine, simple operation, fast lifting, programming welding system, weld system, ring core technology, German technology, repeatable processing, high precision, can be used for carbon steel, aluminum alloy stainless steel, titanium alloy materials, automatic focusing, simplify operation, improve programming efficiency weld.

IPG Photonics:

IPG Optoelectronics was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. It has multiple branches and production bases around the world.

The world-renowned fiber laser manufacturer is a leading global manufacturer of high-power fiber lasers and laser systems. It has been committed to researching, developing, producing and selling the most advanced laser products. Its products are widely used in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment, communications, and material processing.

The company’s lightweld 1500 is the world’s first portable product, LightWELD XR, LightWELD XC
series of products, lightweight handheld laser welding equipment, with high welding efficiency, 4 times faster than TIG, simple to operate, and can weld metals of different thicknesses and highly reflective materials without deformation.


Founded in 1972, AMADA CO., LTD specializes in the production of sheet metal processing machinery, with many varieties (nearly a thousand varieties), excellent performance and advanced technology, ranking first in the world’s sheet metal processing machinery industry. A company integrating production, design, manufacturing, and training.

The main products include: CNC punches, bending machines, shears, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser marking machines, precision resistance welding and other sheet metal processing machinery, as well as corresponding molds, spare parts, and cutting products.

It has its own branches all over the world and belongs to a large multinational company.


Founded in California, USA in 1966, and listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in 2008, the company mainly produces and manufactures lasers and laser equipment products.

It has a global sales, customer service and technical service network to provide customers with global cooperation and support.


Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Niederönz, Switzerland, it has factories in Germany and China. The world’s leading manufacturer of laser cutting machines, bending machines and water jet cutting machines. The company is committed to developing and selling world-class high-tech sheet metal processing equipment.

SPI Lasers:

Founded in 2000, the UK-based company specializes in fiber laser technology and is renowned for its versatility and welding performance. A company specializing in fiber laser technology, renowned for its versatility in laser micromachining and marking.


Founded in Japan, FANUC is the most powerful enterprise in the scientific research, design, manufacturing and sales of CNC systems in the world today. The monthly production capacity of FANUC CNC systems exceeds 7,000 sets and is exported in large quantities. Mainly mid-range products.

It is no accident that FANUC can occupy the vast market with its strength and advancement as the world’s number one.

In May 2020, FANUC ranked 1,087th on the 2020 Forbes Global 2000 list.


Headquartered in Jena, Germany, it is a global company with optical technology as its main business, mainly providing advanced photonic solutions and smart mobile solutions.
The main target markets mainly include semiconductors and electronics, life sciences and medical technology, and smart mobility.

Miyachi Unitek:

MIYACHI is famous for the world’s first digital welding monitoring and inspection instrument in 1973. MIYACHI products are made in Japan, including the MM-315A Portable Welding Inspector, IPB5000A Inverter Welding Controller, and the popular A-Series Nd:YAG Laser Welder.

MADA WELD TECH (MAC), now a wholly owned subsidiary of Miyachi Corporation (MHC), was founded in 1948 as the Weldmatic Division of Unitek Corporation. AMADA WELD TECH has proudly designed and manufactured its products for global markets for over 60 years.

MIYACHI UNITEK products are manufactured by AMADA WELD TECH America in Monrovia, California, including UB-500A and UB-4000A linear DC inverter welding machines, the industry-leading HF-2700A high-frequency inverter welding machine, and ADP series capacitor amplifiers. Welding machine series, WM-R100A advanced welding control, complete Thinline welding head series, etc.

The company serves a broad range of markets, including medical devices, batteries, aerospace, automotive and electronic components

Laser Lines:

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Germany, a leading supplier of diode lasers with systems used in a variety of welding applications, Laserline is one of the world’s top laser suppliers.

Eight international laser manufacturer subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, China and South Korea, working with distribution partners in Europe (France, Italy, UK) and Asia Pacific (Singapore, Taiwan, Australia).

As an innovative industrial laser manufacturer, we are always committed to developing more compact high-power lasers,

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