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What Are the Laser Cutting Advantages

With the rapid development of the industrial market and the rapid rise of laser cutting technology in the industrial market, the advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting are confusing to many primary buyers.

Now this article will give you a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the benefits of laser cutting.

What is a laser cutter used for

Different laser cutting machines can cut different materials, such as wood, plywood, glass, leather, acrylic, and some can cut metal, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and other metal materials. Different cutting processes produce different cutting effects.

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What are the advantages of laser cutting

Fast speed:

can work continuously, and use the CNC system to accurately control the cutting accuracy;

High precision:

High-energy laser beam cutting can perfectly control the cutting accuracy. The minimum cutting width can reach several millimeters, so it can be used in fields that require high sheet metal precision.Different power laser cutting accuracy is also different.

Non-contact cutting:

No damage to the workpiece.

The width and depth of the cut are adjustable:

you can choose the material you want to cut,
By selecting the appropriate power, a wide size of incision can be achieved by focusing the laser spot.

Unlimited cutting graphics:

Complex craft images can be perfectly cut, including curves, circles and sharp angles. Suitable for mass production and processing.

fiber laser cutter

What are the benefits of laser cutting tools

Good processing quality and low labor cost

In the actual processing and production process, we will find that the processing quality is very high and the entire cutting process is very fast. The processing and production advantages of high-quality products are more obvious, and the appearance is smoother and cleaner.

Automatic typesetting saves materials and reduces production costs

The choice of laser cutting is also not limited to cutting patterns. Automatic typesetting can now be used to save materials. The entire cutting surface is smooth and clean, and the processing cost is low.

precision laser cutters
precision laser cutters

The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting. If you want to know more about some laser cutting equipment, you can consult us to get the latest equipment prices and product catalogs.

High precision, effectively improve productivity

As an alternative to shearing and flushing, laser cutting technology is accurate, flexible and efficient, and can effectively process various complex parts. As long as the graphics are cut and the control system is entered, the cutting size can be set, helping to directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, effectively Improve labor productivity.

Benefits: low maintenance cost and high cost performance

The maintenance of mechanical products is very expensive. Laser cutting machines have stable performance, are sturdy and durable, can work continuously and are not easily damaged. They have great advantages in terms of later maintenance costs.

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