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Do You Know the Gas-cutting Principle of Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machines?

The method of separating metal materials by the heat energy of the gas flame is called gas flame gas cutting, or gas cutting for short. The main target of gas cutting is general structural steel, which is a blanking method used in the preparation process of production. The gas cutting of fiber metal laser cutting machine is widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, machinery, electric power, petrochemical industry, boilers, and pressure vessels, vehicles, shipbuilding, and so on.

Cutting refers to oxygen cutting, also called oxygen flame cutting. It uses the heat generated by combustible gas (ethane, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, etc.) and oxygen combustion (flame) to heat the surface of the workpiece to a certain temperature (the temperature is higher than the melting point), and the cutting oxygen sprayed to high purity and high flow speed will burn the surface of the workpiece to generate slag and release a lot of heat.

The heat released by the combustion of the workpiece, the high-temperature slag, and the heat generated by the gas flame continue to heat the lower layer of the bow and arrow and the leading edge of the incision to reach the ignition point (combustion temperature built-in oxygen, called the ignition point of the workpiece) until the bow bottom. At the same time, the cutting oxygen stream blows away the slag, thereby forming a cut to cut and separate the workpiece.

Application field of fiber metal laser cutting machine

The entire cutting process of fiber metal laser cutting machine can be divided into four interrelated stages:

  1. The metal surface at the starting point is heated to the ignition point by the preheating flame, and a combustion reaction occurs.
  2. The lower metal burns.
  3. The cutting oxygen stream blows away the solution produced by combustion and cuts the metal along the thickness direction.
  4. Combustion reaction heat and preheating flame heat the upper metal layer on the front edge of the incision to the ignition point and burn.

These four stages are repeated continuously to complete the gas cutting of the work.

Laser cutting machine products

According to the different combustible gas used, gas cutting can be divided into oxygen-acetylene gas cutting, oxygen-propane gas cutting, oxygen-liquefied petroleum gas cutting, oxygen-natural gas cutting, and oxygen-hydrogen gas cutting.

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