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Laser Cutting Machine Prices in China: You Need to Know

Laser cutting machines are used to cut a variety of materials, an artifact of steel plate cutting, and can cut a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, paper, leather, fabric, acrylic, glass, etc. They are most commonly used in industrial manufacturing. It is also used in the advertising industry, industrial products, aircraft manufacturing, and ship production.

This article mainly focuses on the price of laser for cutting machines in China. I hope it can help novices or enthusiasts of fiber laser cut machines to better choose suitable manufacturers among the many brands of laser cutters.

Chinese laser cutting machines have a wide price range, ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Technology

With the continuous improvement and development of laser cutting technology, China’s position in the global lazer cutting machine manufacturing market is becoming more and more prominent, not only because of China’s strong production capacity, but mainly because of the rapid development of technology. Chinese companies are actively investing in research and development. , strive to improve machine performance and features.
The gap between China and the world’s leading manufacturers is closing rapidly.

Factors Affecting Laser Cutting Machine China Price

  • Types of Laser Technology: Differences in technology, application, and cost between CO2 and fiber laser machines.
  • Cutting material: Because different fiber lasers are used to cut wood, metal, paper, acrylic, etc., the prices also vary greatly.
  • Power size: Compared with thick plate cutting, high-power lasers are more expensive than low-power lasers.
  • Machine size and work area: Bed size is more expensive for larger sheet metal sheets.
  • Manufacturer’s brand and reputation: the influence of the brand, the company’s production strength, and the supplier’s delivery capabilities
  • After-sales service: The after-sales service of well-known brands is relatively better, and the cost of laser cutting machine technicians is also higher.

How Much Is China Laser Cutting Machine Price

Low power laser cutting tool (1000W-3000W): US$20,000-50,000
Medium power laser cutting tool (3000W-6000W): US$20,000-60,000
High power fiber laser cutting tool (12kW and above): US$40,000-180,000

china fiber laser cutting machine
china fiber lazer cutting machine

How to Choose the Right Laser Cutting Equipment

Type: Choice of cutting materials, CO2 lasers excel at processing non-metals such as wood, acrylic, and plastic. Fiber lasers process metals like steel, aluminum, and even reflective materials like copper.
Thickness: Consider the maximum thickness you will need to cut regularly. Choose the appropriate fiber laser power.
Laser power: High power equipment cuts faster and is more suitable for cutting thick plates, of course, when the cost is acceptable.
Laser cutting equipment bed size: The cutting bed size determines the maximum size of the workpiece.
Cutting speed and accuracy: Considering the accuracy requirements, you can negotiate with the manufacturer on the accuracy requirements and customize the laser cutting equipment.
Ease of operation: Is the cutting software friendly to novices and easy to operate?
Post-maintenance: After long-term use, parts are worn out and are they easy to replace.
Budget: Determine your reasonable budget and purchase fiber laser cutting equipment that meets your needs within a controllable cost range. You can also consider purchasing second-hand equipment and replace it with new equipment when funds are sufficient.
Brand awareness: manufacturer’s qualifications, production years, company strength, customization capabilities, good after-sales service capabilities, and a brand with a good reputation.

3015 fiber laser cutting machine
3015 fiber laser cutting machine

How to Find the Best Deals on Laser Cutting Machines in China

Find a supplier

  • Online Marketplace: Take advantage of established platforms like Alibaba or Made in China. Search for laser cutters for specific features and prices.
  • Industry Directories: Find industry-specific directories that list Chinese laser cutter machine manufacturers. This
  • Trade shows: Obtain a list of manufacturers by participating in some Chinese exhibitions on laser equipment, directly contact manufacturers, and directly evaluate machine quality.

Compare specifications and pricing:

  • Don’t just focus on price: China offers competitive prices, prioritizing features and specifications that meet your needs. The cheapest option may not be the best fit for your project.
  • Request a detailed quote: Contact multiple suppliers and request a detailed quote outlining machine specifications, power ratings, bed sizes, warranty terms, and after-sales support options.
  • Like-for-like comparison: Make sure you are comparing quotes from machines with similar features and capabilities to make a fair assessment.

Negotiate and secure transactions:

  • Negotiate prices with Chinese suppliers based on their own budget
  • Payment terms: Negotiate favorable payment terms and consider using secure payment methods such as letters of credit.
  • Hidden costs: Consider potential hidden costs such as shipping, customs fees, import tariffs, and potential installation costs

Prioritize quality and support:

  • Factory inspection: If possible, arrange a factory tour to inspect the manufacturing process and evaluate quality control measures.
  • Online reviews: Study online reviews from previous customers to measure a vendor’s reputation and after-sales services.
  • Spare parts availability: Make sure the supplier has ready-made spare parts for the machine model you choose.
how to cut steel plate
how to cut steel plate

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