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2024 Top 10 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in USA

The USA has always been the leader in fiber laser cutting machine sales, and brand influence occupies an important position in the global industrial market. Do you want to know what are the popular american brand laser cutter? This article will tell you about the brands of the top fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers in the United States, hoping to help you.

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Based on the information gathered, here are some of the top american made laser cutter :

Top 10 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufactures in USA

Company NameYear FoundedHeadquarters Location
Epilog Laser1988USA
IPG Photonics1990USA
Prima Power1980Italy
HG Tech1998China

Epilog Laser:

A well known American company specializing in CO2 laser cutting machines, laser cutting and engraving machines, laser marking machines, and fiber laser technology. Suitable for small household or office scenarios, the products are affordable and widely used.

They have a range of products, including Fusion Edge, Fusion Pro series, and dual laser systems.


IPG Photonics:

A leading company in modern fiber laser technology solutions in the United States. Mainly known for the production of fiber lasers, their product line includes various types of continuous wave low power, high power fiber lasers as well as continuous wave fiber laser amplifiers. Applications and materials processing, precision machinery, advanced science, medical, laser technology and other fields. The current welding product line has lightweld 1500 welding machine, LightWELD XR and LightWELD XC and other products.


Shandong’s well-known laser cutting machine brand, one of the listed companies, has a global presence. It has many overseas branches and often participates in exhibitions at home and abroad. Its laser cutting machine suppliers and agents are all over the world. Its products are well-known, its services are good, and it is well-known. High quality and prompt after-sales service.

Prima Power:

A company specializing in the production of sheet metal processing machines and systems, offering a wide range of solutions for various applications, including laser processing, stamping, shearing, bending, automation and software. They are known for their integrated automation solutions, designed to meet the challenges of their customers and facilitate their future development.



A Chinese company focusing on smart manufacturing solutions. A well known laser cutting equipment supplier in China, focusing on technology research and development, Huagong Technology owns two brands: HGLASER and FARLEYLASERLAB.

HGTECH Laser is a leading supplier of laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, and laser welding machines. They provide a wide range of laser manufacturing solutions and are committed to providing comprehensive services to customers. Huagong Laser’s products are known for their high quality and performance And famous.

They provide technical training in laser equipment operation, maintenance, process technology, and professional after-sales service.


North China’s most powerful laser cutting machine manufacturing plant, 4 production plants, global overseas layout, laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, flexible bending machine, laser cladding machine, laser welding, laser cleaning and other product lines, with after-sales services outlets around the world.


LaserStar has been established since 1957 and is a company specializing in laser welding technology. It has developed into a global supplier of laser sources, not only welding, but also marking, cutting, engraving and other systems.



A pioneer in the field of laser technology, its main business includes the global supply of lasers and laser technology. Coherent’s products are widely used in scientific research, medical treatment, industrial processing and other fields. Coherent has also achieved significant market leadership through a series of acquisitions, particularly in ultrafast lasers.
Now offering a wide range of laser cutting, welding and marking technologies.


Founded in the United States in 1974, Keyence has been an innovator in laser technology. They offer a wide range of laser machines in the areas of marking, coding, measuring and tracking, including products such as 3-axis UV laser marking machines and telecentric green laser marking machines.

These manufacturers are recognized for their technological advancement, product quality and comprehensive laser solutions for various industrial needs.

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